Step by Step Instructions to Wear Your Diamond Tennis Necklace


The saying goes that beauty is an eternal joy and what better stone to convey this feeling than diamonds? According to certain accounts the term “diamond” originates from the Ancient Greek word “adamas,” which could be translated to mean “indestructible,” “unbreakable,” and “unconquerable.”

With the unquestionable brilliance of this stone It should be no surprise that this stone is a popular choice by jewelry enthusiasts for a number of years.

In all likelihood, among the most famous timeless, timeless, and unquestionably elegant jewels is the jewelry piece made of diamonds. For those who aren’t familiar an adage, a diamond tennis necklace is a continuous diamond strand of jewelry worn across the neck.

The chains are referred to as due to their similarity to the style of classic tennis bracelets that became famous. The necklaces have been rediscovered and are now fashionable pieces of jewelry. If you read on, you’ll understand the reasons.

This kind of jewelry has its origins in the rise of popular fashion due to athleisure clothes worn by athletes in the long before the athleisure trend became fashionable as it is today.

Much like their bracelet counterparts tennis necklaces are incredibly versatile pieces that are able to blend with a variety of outfits. These delicate and sparkling pieces have been the mainstay in many wedding photography shoots and casual outfits as well.

They are often seen within the churches’ aisles during weddings, and even in the supermarkets when you’re on a grocery trip. Check out these suggestions on how you can wear your diamond tennis jewelry!

A Diamond Tennis Necklace Is A Great Choice

Diamonds are unique because they have the quality of radiating their own distinct beauty when they are paired with any look. They give their wearers a shine, and elevate any outfit. They are easy to wear, but powerful gemstones that enhance your best appearance.

However it is likely that a whole collection of sparkling diamonds on an arm would be overwhelming and ideal for big events. But, that’s not the scenario.

The elegant and simple tennis necklaces sparkle in a subtle manner when worn with formal clothing. It is important making the pendant the main focus of your outfit, and not make the blunder of overcrowding it by adding excessive accessories.

While layering your necklaces with lighter chains is a fashion that is growing in popularity, many suggest that the goal is to have your outfits be straightforward and thus elegantly chic.

The Tennis Necklace Be The Centerpiece Of Your Outfit

Tennis necklaces are an perfect accessory to emphasize your clavicle and collarbones. Like we said the aim of your outfit is to look casual, yet effortlessly elegant.

Don’t over-crowd your choices with clothes that distracts from the simple and elegant look of diamond jewelry. Let your jewelry speak for itself.

Wear Your Diamond Tennis Necklace With Distinctive Earrings

If you are adorning a basic outfit by wearing a tennis necklace made of diamonds make sure you pair it with a an attractive pair of earrings that do not stand out against the necklace.

If you are wearing an eye-catching piece like a tennis diamond necklace, the overall appearance is more pleasing to see in the event that these stones don’t interfere with other the loud materials or stones on the ear. In this regard pick your earrings carefully and select them in accordance with the shape of your face.

Remember, With A Diamond Tennis Necklace, Less Is

To avoid a bulky and unorganized look, make sure that the necklace with the diamonds is the main focus of your outfit. It is best to pair it with simple clothing or monochromatic ones is a good idea.

Like some famous celebrities have proved in recent times there’s something special about looking at the sparkle of a sparkling necklace under a casual sweater which is very stylish. The same way be sure that the material you wear will put it in the limelight. Consider silk slip tops and dresses.

Choose Clothes That Are Relatively Simple In Style And Design

For the perfect casual and timeless look ensure that your outfit doesn’t get ruined by the addition of too many hues or elements. The timeless, chic style that has captured hearts and stood the tests of time is simple.

Bottom line

Be aware that your entire outfit should remain in the contemporary casual and fun look of the diamond tennis bracelet and you’re good to go. Be aware that this piece jewelry is designed to be worn for a long time and maybe one day handed on to the next generation as a inheritance.

It’s a classic that will stand over time. it is subtle, yet exudes elegance no matter how you decide to wear it, casual or formal! It’s not a surprise that the celebrities who walk down the red carpets of glamorous fashion have chosen to enhance their attire with this necklace, and so do those who go for quick breakfasts.

What are you wasting time to do? Find the most stunning accessory trend this season that won’t ever go out of fashion. Follow the suggestions above and you will be the classic fashionista you’ve always wanted to be.