5 ways to convince your partner to buy Lab grown diamond rings


For the longest time, diamonds have fascinated people of all ages. Their brilliant nature makes them one of the most attractive and desired gemstones. The popularity of diamonds started growing in the early 1900’s and continues to grow even today. However, with time, the drawbacks associated with diamond mining has come to the fore and has provided to impetus for a diamond alternative.

Lab grown diamonds were created as an alternative to the naturally mined diamonds. They do not possess the drawbacks that are associated with the diamond mining since they are created in a laboratory. Since the process with which they are made is different from the naturally occurring diamonds, questions have been raised regarding the authenticity of the lab grown diamonds.

Even though, the lab grown diamonds have been in the market for some time, people are sceptical about purchasing it. There are celebrities who are advocating the use of lab grown diamonds, and their campaigns have made them quite popular. In spite of this, a large section of the society don’t consider them as actual diamonds. If you are having trouble convincing your partner about buying lab grown diamonds then here’s what you can tell them to convince them.

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds

Contrary to the popular belief, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as that of the naturally occurring diamonds. One cannot tell the difference between a naturally occurring diamond and a lab grown diamond. The only difference lies in the way that they are created.

Better Quality

Since lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory in a controlled environment, the diamonds that are created tend to have lesser impurities embedded in them as compared to the diamonds extracted from under the earth’s surface. These lab grown diamonds do not undergo the stress of dynamites and diesel for extraction and therefore they appear better, brighter and clearer.


Mined diamonds are known to fund wars and insurgencies. Also, the poor working conditions and the meagre compensation provided to the labourers is something that makes people uncomfortable in buying the same diamonds and contributing to it. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are created in a laboratory and therefore the origin of the diamonds are known and the people involved in their creation are compensated adequately.

Environment Friendly and Sustainable

Creation of lab grown diamonds does not involve digging up and blasting the Earth like it is done for diamond mining. Diamonds mines are among the largest holes created in the Earth’s surface that disturb the nearby ecosystems and involve the use of a large amount of fuel and heavy machinery. Therefore, it is considered a more environment friendly and sustainable alternative to naturally mined diamonds.

Cost effective

Since the cost of production of lab grown diamonds is lesser than mined diamonds, the cost of these diamonds are 40% lesser than mined diamonds. This means that engagement rings London that are made of lab grown diamonds are considerable cheaper and more affordable than those made of mined diamonds.


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