Top Delicious Desserts In Qatar – One Must Try


After a filling dinner, desserts are like the icing on the cake. If you visit Qatar, sample the enticing tastes of the local delicacies. Desserts are served after meals or during other special celebrations in Qatar and highlight unique Arabian tastes.

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You may learn about Qatar’s rich culture and various Arabian cuisines by indulging in the sweet delicacies available here.

  1. Umm Ali
  2. Baklava
  3. Kunafa
  4. Khanfaroosh
  5. Esh Asarayah

1.    Umm Ali

Although Umm Ali was born in Egypt, she is also well-liked in Qatar. Umm Ali tastes and is prepared almost exactly like bread pudding in North America. Therefore, Umm Ali may be created quickly and easily. Since it only requires simple ingredients, including cream, milk, puff pastry, vanilla essence, almonds, sugar, and raisins. Flaked coconut, pine nuts, and pistachios are added as the finishing touches. It may be served warm and enhanced by adding a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It features a crunchy brown crust on top and a creamy feel underneath.

2.    Baklava

Baklava is a staple of Turkish, Arab, Iranian, and even Ottoman cuisine. It can be found in most restaurants in Qatar. Baklava has a delicate, crunchy texture and is covered in honey syrup. It is baked in huge pans and includes numerous layers of filo pastry separated by vegetable oil & melted butter. After baking, the dough pastry is cut into various forms, including triangles, rectangles, and parallelograms. Baklava is one of the greatest Arabic desserts in Qatar because it tastes so divine when drenched in honey / sweet syrup.

3.    Kunafa

In Qatar, kunafa is highly well-liked, and you should surely savor its savory tastes. In addition, you may learn about the rich culture, traditions, and eating customs of the locals in Qatar by trying and sampling a variety of their meals and sweets.

A well-known Middle Eastern delicacy called kunafa has three diverse types: khishnah, na’ama, and muhayra. It was first produced in Lebanon during the Ottoman Empire. It comprises cheese sandwiched between shredded filo pastry soaked in sugar syrup, then sprinkled with nuts, almonds, and pistachios.

4.    Khanfaroosh

Do you know what Khanfaroosh is? Khanfaroosh, dough discs deep-fried and coated in syrup or icing sugar that resemble biscuits must be included on any list of sweets from Qatar. Doha bakeries offer this dessert since it is well-liked in Qatar and the rest of the Middle East.

 Khanfaroosh is something you should try if you possess a sweet appetite or are craving something delicious. You are not aware of what you are experiencing. Give yourself the finest reward ever now. You will continually return for more.

5.    Esh Asarayah

Esh Asarayah, one of Qatar’s most well-known desserts, comprises pieces of bread, cream, and pistachio nuts. It is among the tastiest sweets that people frequently yearn for. After eating the sweet, people would constantly want more.

Have you ever tried it? If not, you should visit the restaurant and look for this dish. It will fulfil your sweet craving and provide you with a Qatari taste.

Over To You

Eat vast quantities of these well-known Arabian sweets. To experience Qatar’s diverse culinary heritage and stimulate your taste with the magnificence of its flavor and texture. The desserts in Qatar give a blast of sensations, from exquisite presentation to delicious richness. Visit the many cafés, restaurants, and confectioneries in Qatar to experience the delectable flavors of Arabian sweets.