Innovative Ways to Discover the Ring Size of Your Loved


The purchase of an engagement or wedding band is a very romantic gesture that is special and unique. However, what can cause us to be thwarted is the size of the ring. It can be difficult to make it exact without knowing the exact measurement. How do you determine that without informing your partner?

We have provided some tricks and tips which can help you determine the size of the ring so that the present does not go unnoticed.

Also it is not necessary to worry about returning due to it not meet your requirements. Learn more about determining the correct size ring for your loved one.

The String Stunt

A classic and effective technique to use is called one of the most effective methods is “String trick.” When your partner is asleep you can carefully grab a piece of thin piece of paper and put it on their fingers.

If they’re sleepy This trick is the most effective. Be sure that it’s snug, but not too tight. Find the point at which the string joins and then measure the length. The measurement can be compared to a standard size ring chart to determine the ring’s size with precision.

Get a Ring

If you have a partner who is a ring wearer, “borrowing” one can be a clever method of locating the size of their ring. Select a that they don’t frequently wear to be safe from being suspect.

Bring it to a local jeweler for them to calculate the size. They will then recommend the ideal wedding with a halo for your big day. Be sure to return the ring prior to when your spouse notices that it is missing. Do not ask them directly for it could cause them to be suspicious.

Track the Ring

Another option is to trace the outer and inner circumference on one partners’ rings. Put the paper and trace the edges on the outside and inside using pencil.

The tracings can be compared with the ring sizing chart to determine the dimensions. It is possible to purchase lab-grown diamond rings when you visit the jeweler using the tracing.

Find Support from a Companion

Ask for the assistance of a family member or friend who has a secret to share with you. Let them know that you are planning to propose, and ask if they can help you figure out the size of your partner’s.

They could engage you in a discussion about, their personal preferences or take a look at some to gauge the size.

The Hidden Gift

Give your loved one for a present and disguise it to be something other than a gift. Consider, for example, giving your partner a gorgeous adjustable or one with an opening that allows you to measure slyly how much it extends across their finger.

Take note of the fit and note how much space remains, and then use that information to calculate. You can also take off after fitting it and look for the best fittings in a jewelry shop.

The idea of surprising them with a the proposal and wedding is the ideal way to kick off your marriage.

To do this, however, it is important to determine their ring size prior to doing so. These are just a several ways that you can find the ideal for him or the person without knowing.