Sandakphu Trek is a simple trek that is not too difficult. If you are a beginner, there is no difficulty unless you are fit. Sandakphu is a wonderland for mountain lovers. Elevating to the highest peak in west Bengal will show you some of the highest peaks in the world. 

You will constantly cross the India-Nepal border in and out throughout the trek. It is one of the best winter treks, snow-clad from the month of February to April. And when it melts the rhododendrons plant bloom in the singalila national park. 

About the Trek

It is preferred as the best trek in northeast India, where you will be continuously intersecting between India and Nepal border. Elevating you to around 12000 ft, the sandakphu trek offers the view of the 4 highest peaks in the world out of 5. Sandakphu is one of the fewest places from where you can witness the 8000 m above peaks. The third highest peak mt. Kanchenjunga standing tall between sleeping buddha is a mesmerizing view.

Views from the Trek

Then to the left, you will see the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest. Standing tall above the clouds is breathtaking and to the left of Everest mt. Lhotse and mt. Makalu is the fourth and 5th largest peak. The panoramic view of India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet is heartwarming.

The snows line covering all the views is epic, especially the sleeping buddha. In the lap of these 8000m peaks like protecting them. And the reason behind their formation is so magical. The unobstructed view of the snow line will surely steal your heart. 

Beginning of the Trek

The trek starts in singalila national park, rich in biodiversity, interesting you in the wildlife and flora. There are many bird species in the region. Observe the magnolias and rhododendrons’ most beautiful floras during the trek. You can witness the red panda laying on a tree if you are lucky enough. There are many villages you will pass by reminding you of the villages in Switzerland. You can see the Nepal culture in their livelihood. Rest and purchase are unnecessary as these villagers living totally depend on tourists.  


you will be trekking through scenic sites. in the dense forest on the open ridge. You will witness many villages from the bottom to the summit. But samanden and all will give you a glimpse of Switzerland. The farms around the hut which are a short distance from one another are exquisitely gorgeous. The sunset from these villages is beautiful. 


Witness the 8000m peaks and above from the summit of the sandakphu trek. People from around the world come to trek sandakphu. Because of the ultimate panoramic view this trek offers. The sleeping buddha will be visible as soon as the trek starts. 

Have the experience of staying in a tea house. They are very popular and super comfy. Walking above the clouds is like joining the great mountains and their league. The sunrise from the ocean of clouds is spectacular and so is the sunset. 

When to visit:

You can perform the trek throughout the year except for the monsoon. every season in the sandakphu trek is unique. The temperature in sandakphu can go up to -15° on the night of winter and 22° on the day of Sundays. The trek will elevate you to almost 5500 ft in 4 days from the base camp to the summit which is located at 12000 ft.


  • Reach Jalpaiguri railway station via train or you can reach Bagdogra airport via plane. You will be driven to the base camp manebhanjan which is 90km. Enjoy the sightseeing, and acclimatize to the climate as the trek on foot starts from the very first morning. 
  • On the 2nd day, we trek to Tumling which is 9 km crossing borders on various points, showing id at the checkpoint. Reach tumbling and rest for the day. 
  • On the 3rd day, we trek to Kalapokhri which will take 7 hours. Entering singalila national park, again criss crossing borders. Descent in Nepal village and dinner in an Indian village. 
  • On day 4th the most awaited day of the trek is reaching the summit. A descent of 3 to 4 hours which is gradual steep. And then passing ridges one by one, reaching the top and the magnificent view of the Himalayas.
  • The presence of the Himalayan range in front of you is incredible. Witness the sunset with the highest peak and rest for the day. 
  • On day 5th enjoy the sunrise which is more beautiful than the sunset. 
  • Experience the first rays before everyone else. have breakfast then descend down to Sri Khola, 16 km taking 8 hours. Stay for the night and the next day drive back to the airport or railway station. 


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