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Goa is the smallest state in India however it is among the most sought-after due to its rich history, and friendly and welcoming people. And also its beautiful beaches, tropical temperatures, and a variety of crafts.

In the 60s, and 70s north island was transformed into a hippie haven and a haven to escape normal life. Then, it quickly was transformed into a place for tourists to have a good time.

Naturally, as a place becomes more well-known the area changes and develops.


North is linked with water sports, high-rise hotels streets markets, and cultural structures but it also maintains its party-loving spirit.

While we were vacationing in Morocco Someone recommended Goa to us and we decided to do some research to find out which was the best resort to stay at which one was better – south or north?

Spice Plantation & Dudhsager Falls

Dudhsager Falls (pronounced dud-sager) refers to the “sea of milk” and is located in Coleman which is a two-hour long and difficult bus ride from the hotel where we were staying.

In order to reach the falls, We were escorted into an overland vehicle during the final 45 minutes of our excursion which included driving across three lakes (really fascinating!) and a walk of 10 minutes over the pebbles and stones.

We stripped down to our bathing costumes and carefully immersed ourselves in the refreshing fresh water that was ice cold – evidently after a few moments of swimming, and getting acclimated it was fine, however, it was chilly for the first few minutes!

The Experience

Fish swam past us, and we were able to throw banana slices for the fish to eat. Yep, fish-eating

We went swimming at the waterfall fell down and felt its force as the water splashed our faces. It was awe-inspiring. We were able to spend some time here, so we settled on the rock as we watched the sound of the water crashing, it was like listening to music in our ears!

Hotels in Goa

This guide aims to showcase hotels that are making a change. We’ve included a selection of our top picks which range from eco-friendly resorts in Goa. And family-run homestays to eco-friendly Glamping (luxurious campsites).

Geographically, the guide contains some locations that are located in North Goa, but primarily in South Goa. This is the reason why we don’t cover Central Goa (in our view). Central Goa and the regions around those beaches Baga, Calangute, Majorda, and Colva.

These are now the most well-known areas, and they are very popular with groups of males on “lads weekend” and have seen the most instances of sexual harassment of women at the beach. We kept a safe distance.

All in all, distant areas of Goa are where you will find many of the stunning areas of coastal Goa.

Things to do in North Goa

Scuba Diver

The beautiful Indian state and well-known tourist destination are bordered by the Arabian Sea, which is where you can find a wide variety of marine species. The Arabian Sea is the home of a wide assortment of turtles, fish, and reef sharks. There are also aquatic plants that make the world under the waves a place to dream.

Diving in Goa is much more enjoyable due to the existence of numerous wrecks along its shoreline, such as Portuguese galleons as well as World War II warships. Scuba diving is among the top things to do in Goa and is a great opportunity to take part in this thrilling diving paradise’s underwater journey.

The trek leads to Dudsagar Falls

The Dudhsagar waterfall that cascades along the border between Goa and Karnataka is among the highest waterfalls in India. The road towards the waterfall is awash with fauna and flora all throughout, but because these waterfalls are distinctive, they also have an excellent old railway track that offers a spectacular perspective of the white cascade.

Dudhsagar meaning “River of Milk” became famous following its appearance on the Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone blockbuster Chennai Express. To fully appreciate the beauty of this breathtaking walk you must take it on.


Set sail towards your destination in the Arabian Sea, where you’ll be anchored and for a swim in the crystal sparkling blue waters. Meet up close to colorful marine life and coral prior to going to the white sandy beach to unwind and get tan.

On the one-hour boat ride on the way to the Island, search for dolphins on the way. While floating in the calm, tranquil waters just close to the shoreline, you can enjoy the coral reefs that are vibrant and stunning fish. There are four hours of time to swim, snorkel and lay in the sun on the beach.

Aguada Fort

Visit Fort Aguada.

Fort Aguada is one of Goa’s most well-known tourist destinations with a stunning view of the endless blue ocean that lies in front of it. It draws a large number of visitors throughout the year as it is an excellent sight-seeing spot and also is a testimony to the splendor that was this part of the Portuguese empire.

Due to the presence of three freshwater sources within the fort, it was named Aguada which translates to water in Portuguese, and has remained fortified since 1612.



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