Experience of the trek in India



Trekking is not an easy task for anyone. Whether there are some treks that can be done by any beginner as well. But people who have a lot of experience in trekking can trek on very difficult routes. There are many treks whose routes are so steep and slippery that everyone can not walk there easily. It takes a lot of strength, physical as well as mental strength, a lot of focus, and a lot of experience. 

It takes a lot of effort to trek. It is not just about walking and walking. It is about the will that a trekker has. Trekkers get to learn a lot of things from trekking. Exploring every corner of the world is not easy. Trekking is a way that trekkers can feel how it feels to be at the peak or at the top. 

Another such beautiful trek is in the famous Uttarakhand. The Kedarkantha Trek is equally as beautiful. It is a must visit place.

Level of Trek

There are many places that were undiscovered but today we know about every peak in the world because of trekkers and climbers. It is not easy to trek it is almost impossible to breadth at a high altitude. Not only it is impossible to breathe people can faint and the possibility of asthma increases. But after overcoming all these things today we are able to know every peak. 

The Destination

If we talk about Manali then Manali is one of the best places to trek for anyone. Huge mountains some covered with white shiny snow and some covered with green grasses having tall pine trees. Manali is one of the most attractive tourist places. Manali attracts every adventurous person who likes to explore and enjoy the way.

The beauty of the Himalayan mountains is majestic and can make you feel like you are in heaven. As you climb up the Himalayan mountains nature unfolds itself in front of you you will love the journey of your trip in Manali. If you want that one unforgettable trip of your life then Manali is calling you. Pack your bags and witness the beauty of nature. 

About Trekking

Trekking teaches you a lot of things. Trekking teaches you to focus which helps you not to get distracted by anything and anywhere. Trekking teaches you concentration which helps you not to give up anywhere and anytime. Trekking teaches you only climbing which means only growing and never giving up attitude. 

Manali remains cool throughout the year. But in the month of March to July, the temperature gets normal.  If you are a person who loves the winter season and can bear that cold, snowy air then you can go in any month of the year to visit and trek in Manali. By any chance you do not like the winter season at all then you can explore Manali in the month of April to July. The temperature in the month of April to July gets normal. You can easily explore Manali and can enjoy every activity in Manali without any worry.

What to pack

Now if you are going for a trip to Manali then keep some warm clothes even if you are going in the summer season. You never know what will happen next. The weather in Manali is unpredictable. So for the safe side keep some warm clothes along with you because you will need them. Pack some summer clothes as well if you are going in the summer season. Keep some extra accessories like a cap, gloves, socks, and sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun, and keep a suns cream that will keep your skin protected from the sun. 

Well, we experience a lot of things in our lives. The experiences can be positive or negative. So if we talk about if it is safe to trek in Manali then it is recommended to hire a guide after well researching about the guide and the organization. 

Nearby Places

Manali was used as a gateway for visitors to go to Leh, Ladakh, and Spiti. But nowadays Manali is one of the favorite places for visitors to visit. 

Well, trekking in Manali is some where that gets difficult in the winter season. This is because in the winter season roads get blocked. Roads get filled by snow. Because of snow routes get slippery. It gets difficult to walk on those slippery roads. 

If you want to do trekking in Manali in the winter season then you should have a lot of prior experience in trekking. If you will have some experience then it will be a little bit easy for you to trek. 

But if you are not a trekker which means you do not have prior experience then you should trek in Manali in the summer season. This is because the roads will be clean. No snow will be there. No slippery roads will be there. 


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