The journey of Treks in India



Manali remains cool throughout the year. But in the month of March to July, the temperature gets normal.  If you are a person who loves the winter season and can bear that cold, snowy air then you can go in any month of the year to visit and trek in Manali. By any chance you do not like the winter season at all then you can explore Manali in the month of April to July. The temperature in the month of April to July gets normal. You can easily explore Manali and can enjoy every activity in Manali without any worry.

There are other beautiful destinations also for trekking. Some of them are in Nepal. The famous Annapurna base camp Trek. It is a very scenic place. 


Now if you are going for a trip to Manali then keep some warm clothes even if you are going in the summer season. You never know what will happen next. The weather in Manali is unpredictable. So for the safe side keep some warm clothes along with you because you will need them. Pack some summer clothes as well if you are going in the summer season. Keep some extra accessories like a cap, gloves, socks, and sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun, and keep a sunscreen that will keep your skin protected from the sun. 


So far we have talked about some important things for your trip to Manali. If we talk about the routes to Manali trekking then that route of Manali trekking depends on where you are going to trek and the route of the same. Routes of the treks can be very easy and can be very difficult. On some treks, you can easily walk and complete the trek. On the other hand, some routes of the treks are difficult; those treks are not for beginners or who do not know even the basics of the trek. 

There are all the types of treks you can find in Manali. Treks which is easy to moderate, treks that are moderate to difficult, and treks that have a very difficult way. Some routes of the treks are surrounded by mountains covered with shining white snow. Ans on the other hand there are also some treks where you can see tall pine trees and an endlessly green landscape. 

Well, in Manali there is a place where one of the most precious memories of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is. The name of the place is Pin Parvati trek. It is a trek with a thrilling way, and amazing surroundings of huge mountains covered with shining white snow. 

Well if you are an experienced and skillful trekker and if you like facing difficulties then Pin Parvati trek is totally your call. The beautiful mountains covered with beautiful shining white and hard snow make this Pin Parvati trek more challenging for trekkers. It is said that Lord Shiva used to meditate here.

Pin Parvati

Well, after facing all the challenges while trekking for Pin Parvati, all the hard work will be worth it when you will reach the top of the mountain and feel like touching the sky. The total distance of the Pin Parvati trek is 110 kilometres. So it will take more than 15 days to explore the Pin Parvati trek. But those days will be the best time of your life. 


 Another amazing trek with an amazing route. The name of the trek is Chandrekhani trek.

The most beautiful trek with the most beautiful views is the Chandrekhani trek. The route of the Chandrekhani trek is more enjoyable and beautiful. On your way of trekking, you will be surrounded by lush green land, mountains, and huge rocks. While feeling like walking on the clouds and touching the sky you will not see the time. Doing camping on the Chandrekhani trek will be the most amazing thing you can ever do. 

This Chandrakhani trek has a distance of 19 kilometres. Well, do not worry you do not need any prior experience for trekking the Chandrekhani trek. This is a beginner to moderate type trek. Anyone can easily do this trek with some curiosity, physical and mental strength, and the will to do it. 

Level of difficulty

These treks are for those who have some prior experience of trekking in some difficult way.  For trekking on these types of long route treks, you will need good physical health. Well, do not worry there are some short treks as well. 

One short trek starts from the nature park and ends at old Manali. The distance of the trek is only 2 kilometres. Talking about the route of the trek which is filled with long and tall pine trees with a green landscape. The route is not a step. It is normal so that anyone can easily trek there. The trek is so easy. 


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