Hey guys, if you are interested in staying overnight in the Spiti valley then you need to be sure of certain things. You will be having a great experience staying in Spiti valley overnight. It is one of the favorite spots of the daredevils. You will be able to view the crystalline sky with the twinkling stars during the nighttime. The monasteries, rivers, mountains, villages, etc. seem so enchanting. 

The Komic village, Tabo and Lozar villages are also present in the list of the perfect locations. Here one relates themselves to the beauty of star-lit nights. You will be able to know more about yourselves, or in short, you will be in a way rediscovering yourselves. You can gaze at this particular site for many hours as well. 

About the place

At present, so many hosts, many hospitality organizations, the organizers who organize trips, etc. are there in Spiti valley. You can put up your tent if you want to stay there, or else you may take any of the homestays available there and can stay there as well. Any of these will be such a great opportunity for you all. You will be able to stay in the villages which are very close to the valley itself. If you want to sleep on the rooftops, that is, under the stars or if you are having any desire to get so close to the milky way. 

Then you can make a plan for your trip with this Spiti ecosphere. After spending your time in these stargazing sections, if possible, try to dedicate some other days to the cold desert area as well. You can explore the rugged terrains here. You can also delve deep into the one and only Trans-Himalayas. 


The Camping in the ChandraTal Lake which appears like a crescent is yet another experience that you would not be forgetting easily. You can make pit stops in the Kunzun pass as well as in the Ki monastery which will also be such a nice experience for you all.

After the night stay, in the morning itself, you can visit the Geu village, where the 500-year-old mummy is present. You can also do various adventurous activities here like river rafting, especially in the Spiti river. You can also do this particular activity of river rafting in another river also, called Pin. You all might be knowing about Astrophotography as well. 

You all know about the constellations and about the galaxies that you studied during your school time. You will be so eager to capture this galaxy with just your common eyes, isn’t it? You can spot this particular galaxy appearing in the azure from 1 am to 4 am. At this point, there will be no rain as well.

If it is raining, there are chances that you may miss this mind-blowing visual treat. From just climbing up the stairs and reaching the terrace of the homestay in which you are staying, you will be able to see this mesmerizing view. Believe me, this will be truly a breathtaking sight for you. 

The Experience

You will be able to see this entire universe just above your head with billions and trillions of stars. It will be like a dream for you but trust me it is not! You will feel like the galaxy is moving following the rotation of the planet, Earth. This is something that everyone will wish to cherish in their entire lifetime. You will be so overwhelmed by such an awe-inspiring visual. You will even be able to spot some of the constellations which appear in the sky like the Ursa-Major, Scorpion, Orion, etc.

About the weather

But, be sure of the cold weather which surrounds you during that time. It will be showing almost around minus degrees in the temperature during that time. You can even take photographs of that vision to keep that glimpse of visual treat alive forever. In Dhankar, you will be able to spot this Milky Way Galaxy sight. In Kaza and Chitkul also you will be able to view this mesmerizing sight. In Langza also you will be provided with this mesmerizing and beautiful sight for your eyes. 

This will be truly a visual treat for you as well. This will be a surreal experience for you all and also it will be a kind of reminiscing experience. This is not only for that particular moment but for that entire lifetime. From the middle of May to the middle of October, you can visit here since it is considered to be one of the best times to visit the Spiti Valley. One of the best places for you to practice stargaze is Kibber town. Sometimes, if possible, you may be also blessed by seeing the Shooting Star as well.


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