Top 6 Significant Male Fashion Trends in Winter


2023 isn’t over yet but it’s already unforgettable. We returned to from where we left off following an absence of two years and had one of the driest, warmest and most sunniest summers observed in the Netherlands. Now, we’re focusing on the cold, dark months.

We can see how olive, dark brown the burgundy and camel are the most popular shades. Furthermore, soft materials like merino Wool and corduroy will be more in fashion. In order to help you get started on the best outfits to your outfit, we have listed the most popular fashion trends for males in the winter and fall seasons of 2023.

1. We’re wearing plaid

We all know that plaid shirt. However, this season there’s no way to avoid plaid. Plaid in various shapes and sizes will be seen in many different kinds of clothes. Plaid is a great way to stand out and create fashionable outfits. Consider the idea of plaid pants, jackets and coats. From simple to striking Explore your options of the plaid style for you.

2. Layered clothing is hot

Unsurprisingly, layers of clothing are sure to be in fashion during the winter and fall of 2023. Of course practicality plays a major part. Since the various layering options in your outfit are matched to one another, you can wear and remove clothing without looking sloppy or unclean. This lets you put on a stylish bodywarmer or trendy overshirt instead of an outer coat for warmer days.

3. New fabrics in men’s clothing

There are more clothes that incorporate Elastane. This allows the fabric to be more flexible, but it does not lose its shape. This is why we are seeing an increasing number of clothing and shirts composed of soft stretch fabric.

Furthermore new fabrics are being released to enhance the durability and quality of clothing. Keep your eyes open for new fabrics in the autumn .

4. Sustainable clothing is important

A growing number of companies are investing in ways to create eco-friendly clothing that is clothing. To do this the development of new materials and the waste of raw materials is kept to an absolute minimal level. Therefore, more clothing is constructed of recyclable materials.

Circularity is also about being aware of what you put on and the reason you put it on. For instance wool sweaters are perfect to keep you warm, and avoid altering the temperature.

Also, this will save you on energy expenses. If you choose durable fabrics and timeless styles and styles, you can have a great time wearing your clothes for long time to be.

5. Van Gogh makes his comeback

Our designers took inspiration from a few masterpieces painted by the artist Vincent van Gogh. The earthy tones and the unique feel of these paintings complement the colors of the year perfectly. In a strange coincidence, Suitable has recently launched a shop in Nuenen which is a small village in the Netherlands in which Van Gogh was a resident for a few years.

6. Fashionable, yet comfortable

The holidays are a great occasion to party hard. From bright decorations to extravagant dinners for guests There’s nothing too extravagant. This year, luxurious soft fabric in warm hues will be the main focus. Therefore, you should get yourself the perfect jacket that is velvety and an elegant set of loose pants constructed of corduroy.

Merino wool is very breathable fabric that retains heat very well. For instance, merino sweaters aren’t as dense and scratchy as lambswool, which makes it extremely comfortable. The holidays shouldn’t have to be formal. Instead, you can end the year in cozy and comfortable surroundings!

What’s next?

You are now aware of the most popular fashion trends for males in autumn and winter 2023. We understand that it can be challenging to translate these suggestions immediately into action. We are therefore going to concentrate on a specific trend each week throughout the course of each month. For instance, we’ll look at plaids, layered clothes as well as new fabrics.