10 Fashion tips for the Style Conscious Man


Fashion is a personal thing. The way you dress is a way of expressing who you really are. What type of attire is best for you?

“Did you know that having a great clothes style is crucial for your appearance? Everyone wants to look good, whether it’s an appointment, date or celebrating a birthday. But, the way you dress goes beyond just buying clothes that are well-fitting. Here are ten suggestions to help you dress stylishly.

1. Make a mood board of your fashions.

For a better idea of the style you prefer, we suggest you to first create your own mood boards. Utilize pictures from magazines. To gain more information about what you enjoy.

2. Make sure you have your Bases in the order you place

We will begin with the basics. It is advisable to invest in the best base such as black, white and deep blue jeans fashion. The different basic pieces are able to be easily incorporated with a variety of styles.

3. Be sure to adhere in line with dress codes

Follow your dress codes, naturally you will need certain dress codes for dinners, weddings, and birthdays. However, this could also happen when you are at work and go out, or of course when you go out for a simple drink fashion. There are certain things that should be required from you. Dress stylishly Take certain dress code into consideration, and stay away from being the only person in the wrong dress!

4. Match your skintone

What clothing do you wear to match the color of your skin. Certain colors look great but others don’t work tones of your skin. Take note of this when you shop for clothing.

5. Have your underwear in order

Underwear is very important. Perhaps you think “nobody sees that anyway”. But underwear determines how your outerwear falls. A comfortable and well-fitting underwear can make your body look at its most attractive.

6. Opt for Classic, or Casual

What fashions of clothing are trendy! There’s an “smart look” that combines both casual and business. Choose one of the “tougher clothing style” such as leather and jeans.

The style is influenced by outdoors-inspired influences. You could also opt for the “classic look”, neat with sporty elements. There’s a pair of plaid pants jacket, a coat, as well as a lambswool pullover. this timeless look is typically timeless.

7. Consider Scandinavian Style

Do you prefer or go with the “minimalist style” from Scandinavia. Its characteristics are neutral, basic shades like gray, black and white. They are usually solid shades that are made of natural materials. “Also the sporty clothing style:”

In the style of sport you will see elements taken from the world of sport. The comfortable materials are utilized in hoodies, t-shirts sweaters, and polo shirts. Wear a stylish sweatpants. Most often, they are adorned with attractive features like pockets on the sides or Hoodies.

8. Select the appropriate size for your clothing

Make sure you select the correct size. Don’t buy clothes that aren’t fitting well. Wearing clothes that fit properly will showcase your body most effectively.

9. Find the appropriate accessories

Mix your accessories with your ensemble, this will help to enhance your style. Consider a pair of suspenders, belts or shoes, or sunglasses.

10. Be yourself, no matter what

You are unique! and deserve to look good! If you aren’t comfortable with yourself it is evident in your clothing. Your self-confidence is dependent on your clothes. If you are at ease in the clothes you wear and you are confident in your appearance, you will appear as confident.

In the 10 points listed above, we’d like to paint a clear image and let you know what clothes styles are available. Of course, we’re equally interested in what fashion you are most familiar with. Explore and discover what is best for you. It could be classic or cool, stylish, sexy and extravagant. Are you in search of new fashions? Visit any of our shops. Our stylists can help you choose the right outfit.

The general rule

Aren’t sure if a certain garment is suitable for you? Take note of what you are comfortable with and what you would like to radiate. When you wear clothes, you can ensure that you shine more and appear confident and confident. Consider a striking checkered shirt, or a jacket with turtlenecks.

Although you must follow dress code guidelines You can still express your personal fashion. You can, for instance, pair an outfit with a printed T-shirt, and white sneakers. The best way to dress an elegant man is to purchase timeless clothes that fit the body.