Piso WiFi Pause


Piso WiFi Pause feature is an invaluable asset to users seeking to limit their data usage. It enables you to pause web association while away from computer and resume it later when back online.

To utilize the pause time feature on a Piso router, log into its administrative portal. Select Wi-Fi as your Wi-Fi source, and provide either your email address or phone number as part of a valid registration.

SSID Piso WiFi Pause default IP address for accessing its management console is

This IP address is essential for implementing advanced features like port forwarding, LAN redirection, network bridging and customer support.

Remember that your browser can only access an IP address with the appropriate password. A strong password should contain upper and lower case letters as well as special characters like dashes and dollar signs to unlock it successfully.

Resetting your Piso WiFi password through the Admin portal is simple. Enter your user ID or administrative login ID and click on the password reset link for a brand new password.

Default IP address

Piso WiFi uses this IP address to access the internet.

Users on our network have more control than other networks over their network settings and data consumption by accessing the Admin Portal at They can even temporarily pause their connection so as to spend only what is necessary financially.

To gain access to the Admin Portal, users must first register an account at the company website and create their password. After doing that, they can login and update their preferences – should any problems arise, customer support can offer guidance as to how best to begin their experience.


Piso WiFi Pause offers you the ability to temporarily suspend your internet connection for a set amount of time, making this feature especially helpful when downloading large files or streaming videos online.

This feature can also be beneficial to travelers who need to conserve data during a vacation, and will seamlessly resume their web affiliation when they return.

To set the pause time, visit the administrator portal at

Once logged in, select “Set Up.” When asked what type of wireless network to set up, choose Wi-Fi as your type. Finally, when asked for personal details and your WiFi SSID you will be asked for any necessary inputs.

Once submitted, restart your device in order to ensure the changes take place and contact our customer support center for additional help.

Time limitations

Piso WiFi’s Pause Time feature enables users to temporarily suspend their internet connection and save data before reconnecting, helping them save money on data usage while traveling. This can save them both money and data usage costs.

To set a pause time, log into the portal and click “Set Up.” Provide your personal details as well as the SSID of your Piso WiFi network and click on “Submit”.

Once logged in, you can adjust the pause time and choose which devices it affects. Furthermore, you can specify an interval for reconnection – making this feature particularly helpful for frequent users as they conserve data.


Piso WiFi Pause is an extremely useful feature that enables you to temporarily log off from your internet connection, making it perfect for vacationing and saving data costs.

Reducing ads on public WiFi networks is also possible by pausing for a period of time and listing devices that will be affected.

To utilize this feature, log into the Piso administrator portal and choose “Wi-Fi” as the wireless connection type before entering your personal details and the SSID of your WiFi network.

Once logged out, once connected back to Piso WiFi network and browsing again you can save data while vacationing or working from home.