Club America VS Deportivo Toluca


Club America and Deportivo Toluca share one of Mexico’s longest standing and fiercest rivalries, often providing thrilling matches filled with drama and unforgettable memories.

Toluca and America played an action-packed first semifinal leg, featuring both teams displaying some of their most aggressive offensive play of the season. Now comes round two – set for an even tougher test!

The Rivalry

Club América VS Deportivo Toluca F.C. Timeline share one of Mexico’s fiercest rivalries in football. Both clubs boast long histories of intense rivalry that make for exciting matches between them that keep spectators on edge.

Rivals refers to individuals or groups who seek to defeat one another – be it in sports, politics, relationships, or anything else. Rivalry can come in all forms; from physical sports like hockey or boxing to emotional conflicts.

Though both teams have long been considered contenders, in the 2010s Club America became dominant and began winning more league titles than Deportivo Toluca.

This intensified their rivalry, making matches between them increasingly tense and leading to multiple incidents of violence between supporters on both teams during this decade. Such acts caused distain among both camps’ fans, often manifesting itself outside stadium walls into wider society.


Club America and Deportivo Toluca have long held one of the greatest rivalries in Mexican football, playing each other year after year for years and producing intense matches that never fail to bring excitement, drama, and emotion.

They have competed against one another countless times in Mexico Primera Division and battled hard for titles for decades, beginning as far back as 1900s. Though their histories may be full of ups and downs, but overall they managed to maintain stability over the decades.

Timeline of Great Moments Between these Teams over Time There have been so many incredible moments between these teams over the years; take a look at this timeline to experience some of them! From thrilling wins to heartbreaking losses, this blog post gives an inside glimpse of this historic rivalry.

This rivalry has long been part of Mexican soccer culture and looks set to continue. If you support either side, this timeline should give an idea of what’s to come when they next square off!


CF America are looking to break their Liga MX title drought this season, but will face an uphill struggle in their semifinal first-leg matchup against 10-time winners Deportivo Toluca. Los Aguilas have won 12 out of 17 matches this year while scoring 38 goals against 17 conceded. They currently boast the league-high goal differential.

Athens overcame Puebla in the quarterfinals with an aggregate score of 11-2 thanks to an attack-heavy game plan led by Henry Martin who netted two goals.

Emilio Lara of Mexico took control of the ball, lifted his head, and sent an excellent cross into Emilio Lara who quickly raced in from behind to tap it in for an Eagles goal in the 79th minute, giving them confidence heading into their second leg matchup.


Matchups between Club America and Deportivo Toluca have often provided some of the most exciting battles in Mexican football, often ending with both sides being victorious in this rivalry and producing memorable moments during matches past.

Recent events between these teams included a Copa por Mexico game that resulted in a 2-2 tie. Toluca scored early through Jean Meneses before adding two goals of their own via Andres Mosquera within three minutes of each other.

Club America has achieved national victory 13 times throughout their history and have an illustrious international track record with three CONCACAF Champions Leagues and one Copa Interamericana win to their credit.