Monsoon is considered to be one of the most beautiful seasons to travel through because you can experience the natural colors during traveling.The beauty of the green and the earthy scent is a great way to boost your spirit and can increase your appetite even more. There are many locations where monsoon trekking can be challenging, the natural beauty of this place is worth the sweat.

The rainstorms fill the lush vegetation of the hills, bringing breathtaking views to tourists and travelers. With the lush vegetation of dense green meadows hills are at their most vibrant and most vibrant in the time of rain. The hills aren’t always so beautiful as they are during monsoon season. You will be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the beautiful Himalayan Monsoon Trek.However,you should know the best time to go. August and September, the peak monsoon months in the country.  you can visit beas kund.


This location is known as beas kund. It is near Manali and is an extremely popular spot for trekking as well as a place to trek close to the largest mountains in Manali on the journey.You can see many of the great peaks, like Friendship Peak, Hanuman Tibba and Shitidhar Seven Sisters side by side.Monsoon season may make this trek somewhat difficult, however, you’ll surely enjoy the scenery.Also,it is a brief duration hike and shouldn’t be difficult at all.


Do you have any thoughts about going to the stunning Western Ghats? But you shouldn’t think that hiking in the Western Ghats is a piece of cake, as the section known as “Cobra Hood” Harishchandraghat the trek can be tough.This is among the most difficult monsoon treks in India.Be fascinated by the stunning photographic splendor of the valley as well as it’s Konkan Khad here.

You are able to view the caves from the Stone Age (Kedareshwar Caves) with three broken pillars. Legend tells us that the earth’s end is in the event that the fourth pillar gets broken. The reason to go on this trek during monsoon? Because this area provides beautiful nature in monsoons.Exploring the caves during rain will leave you feeling calm and relaxed.


This place is definitely on the list for monsoon hikes due to its stunning beauty, for that reason it was placed in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Monsoon rains transformed this valley by adorning it with vibrant sheets of flowers and making the scenery mesmerizing.The stunning weather adds to the multi-colored scenery.You are sure to spot vibrant wildlife, birds and butterflies like the musk deer.


Sinhagad is an hill fort that gives an amazing trek and a great picnic spot.The breathtaking panorama of the sunrise and sunset from the fort’s vantage point is well worth seeing.It is awe-inspiring to see the breathtaking variety of mountains and hills.The monsoon time will make Sinhagad even more beautiful and offer beautiful vegetation views.The royal fort, with its mysterious thunder also gives an experience in a haunted fort.


Most of us consider Kashmir as a cold and chilly place, however there are many beautiful treasures that are hidden within it.In this part of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, you will see seven lakes in the alpine region, no less.The most appealing thing of each one is its unique beauty that we can discuss about.The wet season makes the trek even more memorable when you are surrounded by lush green meadows that are adorned with vibrant flowers around you.Its incredible freshness.


It is a perfect hike for novice as well as experienced trekkers because it is Humpta Pass trek is famous for its breathtaking beauty. the mountains’ rugged landscape during monsoon months.This hike will allow you to feel the lush green as well as barren landscapes.Kullu will be awash in the pine forests, apple trees, waterfalls and springs.

However, when you get to the trail, the landscape will begin to dry and become grey and brown with rough trails and sloping rocks walls. You can also view the stunning Chandratal Lake filled with blue,clear water. Although hiking during the monsoon time is somewhat difficult, you can experience the most stunning of the natural colors in this gorgeous location.


It’s an alternative option to travel to the breathtaking Spiti Valley (Jibi).Since Pin Parvati is one of the most renowned treks in the Himalayas, it is often referred to as Valley of the Gods The valley is breathtaking for hikers. The Great Himalayan National Park’s woodlands can be explored by year-round trekkers who desire to do so. rainy season is the ideal time to visit the valley because the waters will be moving at a rapid pace and you can be surrounded by greenery every moment and hear birds singing to the tune of their singing.


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