Everest is awe-inspiring with its stunning mountains and peaks that rise to 18,513 feet, is an most ideal spot for hikers particularly with the backdrop of the blue sky. To get an immediate view of the Everest peak, Mount Everest base Camp Trekking gives the best views at the summit of Kalla Patthar.Other than that, there is no alternative journey.Which can bring visitors closer to top ever summit in the world, Mount Everest that is known to be the Himalayas’ most inspiring accomplishment, is also the highest mountain in the world.

The journey starts at Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal which is where you’ll fly 30 minutes over beautiful scenery until you reach the small airport located in Lukla.In the EBC Trek, you’ll travel through picturesque villages, through grassy paths, over steep cliffs,etc.You are walking in the footsteps of famous climbers and adventurers such as Tenzing Norgay, Sir Edmund Hillary.

You’ll be able to meet many different people, including guides, climbers and porters, as well as other adventurers. When you reach the small mountain town, gather together with your fellow travelers, and then get ready for the adventures ahead.From the village, you’ll walk two legs through the jungles of the Himalayas. You’ll cross prayer flag-covered suspension bridges.and climb up to high vantage points that are located in the base of these breathtaking mountains.

Everest Base Camp trek:

During the Everest Base Camp trip, one also travels through Sagarmatha National Park. With each step you take, you get closer to the great Mount Everest, also known as Sagarmatha in Nepali and Chomolungma in Tibetan. When you interact with the welcoming inhabitants who reside in these towns and villages dispersed throughout the Everest Base Camp climb, you will discover more about these names. such mountains such mountains.

These mountain villages are some of the loveliest in the entire country of Nepal,and you’ve probably heard of a lot of them, Namche Bazaar,Tengboche,Dingboche and Everest Base Camp are some of the most exciting destinations on the trek.

Within these communities are the places you can find the old schools that is the basis of Tibetan Buddhism as well as an in-depth understanding of Sherpa culture. This has enriched its uniqueness for hundreds of years.The twelve-day Everest Base Camp trek is extremely challenging but also rewarding. For a successful experience on this strenuous and physically demanding trek It is important to make a plan that is proactive required.

It’s an excellent idea to boost the endurance of our bodies by exercising and jogging frequently for a couple of weeks prior to the trek’s departure.Novice trekkers who are in good fitness levels are able to finish the journey. It is beneficial to exercise and run regularly for a couple of weeks prior to the start of the journey in order to build the endurance. novice trekkers who are in reasonable physical condition can complete the journey.

however,the fitter we are, and the more We will have a pleasant experience while trekking.Although prior hiking experience Technical skills and knowledge are not necessary but would be an advantage.. Participants who can move at a decent speed for 4 to 6 hours each day while carrying light daypacks can take part in this journey.

The trekking route includes hiking along the rocky Mountains,steep climbs,descents and straights.Before starting the trek it is very important to make sure that You are in excellent health. Before registering for the walk, participants with pre-existing medical issues like heart, lung, or blood illnesses should let us know or consult with their doctor.

How long is the longest BASE CAMP TRACK? :-

The typical duration of the 130km round trip trek to Everest Base Camp is 12 days. However, this can differ based on the trekker’s level of fitness, conditions, the amount of rest days, etc. It takes eight days. It takes four days to get to the base camp.Back down, total trek of nine days is divided into three shorter adjustments days.Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking Route.There is a route that is designated for EBC trekking.Which leads you to extremely remote locations with numerous campsites, villages and stunning views of the mountains.

Kathmandu-Lukla-Phakding-Namche Bazaar-Tengboche-Dingboche-Lobuche-Gorak Shep-Everest Base Camp are the steps in ascending.

The way down: Gorek Shep-Ferich-Tengboche-Monjo-Lukla-Kathmandu


Day 1: Kathmandu from Lukla flight.Trek through Fakding Village

Day 2: Fakding towards Namche Bazaar.

Day 3:Namche Bazaar Compatibility

Day 4: Namche Bazaar from Tengboche

Day 5: Tangboche to Dingboche.

Day 6: Day of Dingboche Adaptation 

Day 7: Dingboche, Lobuche Village.

Day 8: Travel to Everest Base Camp via the Changri Glacier and return to Gorak Shep.

9. lGorakh Shep up to Pheriche(alternate morning trek to Kalapathar for views of the sunrise of Everest)

Day 10: Felix to Tengboch

Day 11: Tangboche from Monzo Village.

The 12th of the day Monjo goes to Lukla and spends the night there. A flight is scheduled for the next day departing from Kathmandu.


The 12 day Everest Base Camp trek is difficult and rewarding.This physically demanding trek could have needed a bit of planning and preparation in order to succeed. To increase our endurance, it’s an excellent idea to work out regularly and run for a couple of weeks prior to the trek. The more fit we are in general, the more enjoyable our trip is for novice hikers who are in a moderate fitness level. we will have while trekking.

Previous hiking experience would be an added advantage but no technical experience and skills are necessary.Participants who are able to do 4 to 6 hours of hikes a day at a reasonable pace with a light pack a day can take part in this journey.Includes hiking,steep climbs, descents and straights along the mountain.Before startingPrior to the excursion, it is essential to be in the greatest health possible. Participants with conditions such as lung, heart, or blood-related disorders must inform us or see their doctor before registering to walk.

How much will it cost to go to Everest Base CAMP TREK? :-

Trekking routes that lead to Everest Base Camp normally take between 10 and 14 days. They cost between $1200 to $1600. Domestic flights, a trek permit, all meals (breakfast lunch, afternoon tea and dinner) and a certified trek are included. Accommodations, a guide the porter and a certificate.

It is not required if you are traveling with a group! The cost of the Everest Base Camp trek highly depends on whether you’re travelling on your own or with group. group.Traveling with a group can be more affordable since you be sharing trek leaders, whereas. private treks are customized to meet your needs. They additionally include porters.


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