10 Alt Makeup Trends To Embrace In The Coming Year

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The 2023 year of the future is only a few months away. Are you curious about the makeup trends will be in the coming year? Instead of focusing on traditional makeup trends, i chose to concentrate my attention on alternative rivals.

In addition, alternative trends in makeup are a great way to express yourself by experimenting with various designs. Here are the top 10 alternative makeup trends that we can take advantage of in the coming year. Take a look and be inspired!

1. Alt Makeup Trend: Colorful Eyeliner

The trend of eyeliner that is vibrant is a trend in makeup that uses eyeliners of vibrant colors to create bold, vivid styles.

The makeup artist of the year Jamie Greenberg in Ipsy’s article said that we’re going get this look all over the world in 2023. The trend is to use eyeliner that is vibrant colors like purple, pink and blue to draw the eyes, in either the bottom or top lash lines or both.

It is possible to make a range of alternatives to makeup styles, from fun and playful to dramatic and bold with several different eyeliner products and a fine synthetic makeup brush.

2. Alt MAkeup Trend: Smokiest Smoky Eyes

The upcoming trend in alt fashion requires no introduction. Smoky eyes are among the most sought-after makeup looks that will appear even more dramatic during the year ahead.

This can be accomplished with just a little practice and the use of a few essential makeup products like black eye kohl and couple of different eyeshadow colors. The two most important ingredients of the look are an effective eyeshadow primers and the ability to blend.

3. Alt Makeup Trend: Dark Lip Liner

Are you bored of the same old pastels? The next trend in makeup is sure to soothe your inner soul! The dark lipliner trend is trend in makeup that uses lipstick with a dark shade, like red, purple or black, to define and outline the lips. Be sure to cleanse and moisturise your lips in order to have the best results using this trend in makeup.

4. Alt Makeup Trend: Over-the-Top Eyeliner

The bold eyeliner is the go-to style for a variety of babes. It is possible to take this look to the next level by stretching the liner out beyond the natural contour of your eye.

Do not let the traditional colors of eyeliner keep you from achieving your goals. Crimson red, electric blue and pure white are perfect for this new makeup style. To create a dramatic appearance you can apply a strong eyeshadow on your eyelids to blend into the crease as well as the outer corner.

5. Alt Makeup Trend: Aggressive Blush

“The “Clean Girl” Look will be trendy for the upcoming year. In contrast to the glowing mildly blushed skin the bold blush trend has been growing in popularity. I would like to believe that it started in order to complement the sleek, clean-cut look. The full-on blush can be created using powder, cream, or even liquid blush. Wear it with a minimal amount of lipstick and eye makeup for an even appearance.

6. Alt Makeup Trend: Eye-catching Accents

Sometimes all you have to do to make an impression is a few minor aspects. Another alternative to makeup is to apply tiny, evenly spaced highlights of eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelash lines as well as all over the face. These eyeliner accents can be a variety of designed and sized, and are created using rhinestones, and even lip gloss.

To create a dramatic appearance it is possible to create bigger graphic shapes or employ more intense shades of liner. It is also possible to mix and match the different shades of liner in order to get a customized shade that matches your skin tone and design.

7. Alt Makeup Trend: Bleached Eyebrows

You can either love them or detest them the bleached eyebrows won’t go anywhere! This trend of makeup goes well with a variety of designs, and adds a uniqueness to your face. But bleaching your eyebrows may be risky. Chemicals that are harsh can harm the hair and skin.

It is important to follow the directions on the bleach kit with care and perform a patch test to ensure you’re not in any way allergic to the bleach. If you’re unsure about bleaching your eyebrows it’s best to consult an experienced hairstylist.

8. Alt Makeup Trend: High-Shine Lips

Vinyl lips, also known as high-shine lips are a plethora of makeup trends which creates high-shine, glossy look on the lips by using the use of a lip product that has an appearance that resembles vinyl. My personal favorites are the cherry-red or black glossy lips.

However, the natural color of your lips which is covered with a coat of glossy lip gloss looks stunning. It’s also more suitable for everyday wear. Get the look of vinyl lips by using liquid lipstick or lip gloss.

9. Alt Makeup Trend: Fantasy Vibe

Fantasy makeup is an imaginative and expressive type of makeup, created by mythological creatures, fantasy worlds and otherworldly subjects. The trend is usually marked by vibrant, bold colours, intricate designs and exaggerated designs, and is usually achieved with many makeup items, including eyeshadow and liner, glitter and makeup. The toughest part of this new makeup trend is selecting a theme or an inspiration that appeals to you.

10. Alt Makeup Trends: Glossy Eyelids

The glossy eyelid is a cult trend in makeup that is likely to be popular by 2023. Your makeup style will certainly benefit from its luminous and youthful look. It is possible to use a shiny lipstick to create a shiny effect on your eyes. Apply a tiny amount of gloss on the lids with either a brush or a finger to blend it out to give a seamless look.


Alternate makeup trends are designs and techniques that differ from the traditional or popular aesthetics. As opposed to focusing solely on the everyday fashions, alternative makeup tend to focus on expression and creativity.

There aren’t any rules for achieving a particular makeup style. We hope that, during the new year, we can all benefit from the trends I have mentioned earlier.