15 Jaw-Dropping Gothic Lolita Makeup Fashion Looks


Are you aware of what is known as the Gothic Lolita fashion? Gothic Lolita is a very well-known fashion and aesthetic style all over the world, that was first seen in Japan during the 90s and became popular in the decade of 2023. The style is described as a natural mix of sadness and cuteness with a hint of spooky danger.

This is quite inspiring, isn’t it? For those who are devoted to and adore Gothic Lolita and everything related to her charming style, I recommend taking a look at these stunning 15 makeup designs. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to try your hand at something?

1. A Blushed GothLoli Style with kissable lips

Let’s begin with the traditional Gothic Lolita makeup with a pale foundation, lightly blushed cheeks and kissable lips fashion. This makeup look is complete with two striking wings around the eyes, and an eyeshadow that is smudged on the lower lash line. It looks pretty and dramatic simultaneously!

2. Beautiful Goth Lolita Makeup with a Plenty of Blush

Absolutely there is no doubt that it is true that the Gothic Lolita look is definitely a mixture of charming and intimidating, however it’s not required to be at the extreme end most times.

I love this adorable GothLoli look that is adorned with tons of peach blush as well as glossy lips. The minimal lash style makes this makeup look more refined and makes it suitable for daytime. Do you think you would wear this at school?

3. Dramatic Goth Makeup using thin Eyebrows and black Lips

There’s always enough drama in any kind in Gothic makeup! The next style will cover you on multiple levels. Smoky eyes in black and purple? Check! Black eyebrows fashion that are thin and thin? Present! Black matte lips? Sure! A gorgeous platinum blonde wig makes the drama more striking.

4. Cherry Lips and Tears with Blushy Eyes

This is my most favorite makeup look of today’s compilation. I like the way that highlighters in the lip area, on cheekbones, and white “tears” add interesting accents to the appearance. Also, a hint of blush pink on the chin and nose makes this look fashion more youthful. Gothic Lolita makeup style.

5. Dramatic Winged Eyeliner and Drawn-on Bottom Lashes

The lashes that are drawn on to the bottom of your eyes aren’t a common makeup method in western countries however, eastern beauty queens use this technique often. Instead of applying glue to small bottom lashes, they draw them using liquid eyeliner and apply it to the skin. Try it out and incorporate this makeup trick to the Gothic Lolita look.

6. Innocent Gothic Lolita Makeup with Highlighter

This is a adorable and simple makeup look for those not looking for a dramatic look. The most adorable detail is the rose-pink shadow on the lids, and of course, an abundance of blusher on the cheeks as well as the tip on the tip of the face. To make your lips appear more natural, use an unnatural-looking tint. It’s an excellent alternative for a full-coverage lipstick.

7. Snow White Beauty with Lips as blood

“Skin as white as snow, lips red like blood and the hair as black in ebony.’ That’s how The Grimm Brothers described Snow White in their story. Of of course this Gothic Lolita style does not have anything in common with the character however, after seeing this character I thought it was worthy of being on this list. Eyes fashion that are huge, with circular lenses, a highlighter at the eye’s corner and blood-red lips is an old-fashioned Gothic Lolita!

8. Purple Haze Eyeshadow and Blinding Highlighter

Gorgeous makeup for the most daring babes. If you’re still not sure the peculiarity of this style, let me highlight eyebrows or lack of. If you’re not feeling to shave them off, you could always opt for bleach.

9. Sickly Victorian Ghost Makeup for Gothic Lolita

The makeup style below is suitable for a variety of occasions like Halloween costumes or cosplay. But, in the end I chose it for its spooky makeup option for Gothic girls fashion. I particularly love the way the color of this lipstick is grayish brown at the lip. To make your eyes appear more attractive, apply the same eyeshadow, and blend it until the eyebrows are fully covered.

10. Pink Gothic Lolita Look with Rose Lips

Gothic Lolitas can wear the adorable pink eye makeup with the same awe as they can with dark black. I am in awe of how the Barbie-pink blush is linked by the eyeshadow. I just love this innovative makeup technique! This Gothic Lolita look also uses the technique known as ‘tear bags’ that makes eyes look sad and cute.

11. Magenta Smokey Eyes and Dark Plum Lips

It’s enough with the cuteness now it’s time to move on to something more dramatic. Do you like these smokey eyes in magenta coupled with deep plum lipstick? The same plum shade could be used for contouring and give a unique twist to the appearance.

12. Goth Look with smudged lips

Another “sickly” makeup look for the most grumpy Gothic Lolitas. This time, it’s an fascinating makeup trick: lips that are smudged. To recreate this effect, use a medium dark lip color onto the lips, then contour them using concealer, and blend it in by applying the fashion lipstick for a gradient. To the outer part of the lips, apply the darkest color of your lips fashion.

13. Halo Smokey Eye for Gothic Lolita Girl

If you’re trying to create a more wearable and flexible look, then you should consider the halo eyes that are enhanced by black eye kohl. This makeup style is great for events, occasions that you need to be more fashion stylish or for those times where your Gothic Lolita spirit is begging to be shown.

14. Black Lips with Red Hue and Red Eyeshadow

A bright-red eyeshadow is an ideal option for any Gothic style. If your lips appear plain and black boring then you could pair the red eyeshadow you have with black lips, and add a bit of red. How do you achieve that? It’s easy simply sprinkle this black eyeshadow with a glistening red eyeshadow. You’ll be in love with this style!

15. Cute And Blushed Gothic Lolita Makeup

Now, it’s time to conclude today’s series. Let’s wrap it up with another stunning makeup look that is that it is in keeping with that Gothic Lolita theme fashion. A cosplay for e-girls with pink circle lenses and pink cheeks! Since there’s no blush enough for loli girls fashion! A pair of cat ears that are fluffy are sure to be a great accessory to this style!