Why can’t I play my Spotify wrapped?


Popular music streaming service Spotify declared this year’s “Wrapped” yesterday. The feature is to buy Spotify plays for golem and iOS, and you’ll check what you heard this year on Spotify’s exploitation of this feature. However, some users area unit experiencing problems whereas seeing Wrapped 2021 on Spotify. Thus, this article will tell us straightforward ways to mend Spotify Wrapped, no operational issues.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Every December since 2016, buying Spotify play has been causing users an outline of the year’s preferred music and podcasts, as well as their statistics from January one to October thirty.

It’s known as Spotify Wrapped.

Users will learn additional about their listening history through ornate visualizations known as “cards.” These Spotify Wrapped cards depict the songs, artists, genres, and podcasts they listened to most throughout the year. Users are inspired to share their cards with friends and followers on social media. Buy Spotify play to have much pleasant experience.

Artists are sent visuals of their stats and are inspired to share them with their fans.

What will Spotify Wrapped show you?

Spotify Wrapped provides listeners with a visible illustration of the songs, artists, genres, and podcasts they listened to, the foremost from January one to Oct thirty. These are available in the shape of shareable cards on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Now, if you’re somebody United Nations agency uses Spotify personal Sessions, you’ll understand that something listened to throughout that point will be off the record. Nobody, followers or Spotify, will see what you hear throughout a personal Session. The content you listened to throughout private Sessions over the year won’t be mirrored in your Spotify Wrapped results.

Additionally, if you have been uploading your music to Spotify and paying attention to it, those songs won’t issue into your Spotify Wrapped results. Solely songs that are out there from the Spotify platform count.

Buy Spotify plays, and the shareable Spotify Wrapped 2021 cards include: Minutes Listened, Top Song, Top Songs, Audio Aura, Top Genres, high Podcast, Top Artist, and high Artists.

A Spotify Wrapped card at the tip shows your high Artists, Top Songs, Minutes Listened, and high Genre.

Fix Spotify Wrapped 2021. Not operating or blinking

For those, that area unit unaware, Buy Spotify plays and creates a personalized list for each user and tells the music artists, songs, and genres the users are taking note of foremost throughout the year. If you can’t see yours, attempt these fixes:

Try looking Wrapped within the App.

The “Wrapped” for 2021 on Spotify is offered on the App solely. After you open the App, you may see a banner of an equivalent on your homepage; however, if it doesn’t work, you’ll attempt an alternate by searching:

1. Open the App on your phone or pill.

2. If the banner isn’t operating, click on the search bar higher than.

3. Here, sort “Spotify:special:2021,” and you may see the result below.

Tap on it, and it’ll take you to your Wrapped within various cards, like Instagram stories.

Update the Spotify App

If you continue to can’t see your Wrapped listing or your App is flaming, you must check for the updates on your device. If there’s AN update unfinished, the App might not behave properly.

So head to Play Store or App Store and rummage around for buying Spotify play and update it if the update is on the market. Currently, strive once more to search out your Wrapped 2021.

Clear Spotify Cache information

On Android, the apps keep several cached information, which generally will cause problems within the app. within the case of Spotify, this might be the explanation, too, as we tend to all streaming music for extended periods, and caching information is way a lot in such cases.

So, on your robot, head to Settings->Apps and Notifications->Spotify->Storage& Cache-> and faucet on Clear Cache.

Logout Spotify and log in once more

If you can’t see the Wrapped list on your Spotify, it might be an issue in your account. Strive to work out of your Spotify account, so log in once more and see if it works for you.

1. Open Spotify and the faucet icon on the cog (settings) at the highest right.

2. Now, scroll to the lowest and faucet on log off.

3. once more, the faucet is on; log off on the confirmation pop-up.

Once you’re logged out, log in with your signaling or email address that you just have used antecedently. Currently, check if the Wrapped is on the market for your account.

Uninstall and install Spotify from the website

Lastly, if all the fixes don’t work for you, you can uninstall this App from your device and install it again. However, now transfer the App from the Spotify website on any browser like Chrome or expedition and install it on your device.

Afterward, don’t forget to log in to your account, identical to the one you have been victimized throughout the year. Currently, try and realize the” 2021 Wrapped” for you.

If you continue to can’t see the Wrapped on your device, you must strive once more when your time or another day. The feature is rolling bent on all users and may reach some with delay. Also, if you’re a free user, you’ll strive for Spotify Premium immediately without charge for three months.

  • Head to the Spotify mobile app, and move to “Search.”
  • You will realize the “Wrapped 2020” card.
  • From there, go below the “uniquely yours” section.
  • However, Spotify is taking a bit to roll this feature out; thus, if you cannot visualize your listing within the mobile App, don’t worry; it’ll arrive presently.

New for Spotify Wrapped 2021

Something new for Spotify Wrapped 2021 is Spotify’s new “Wrapped hub.” the most straightforward thanks to navigate to the present is to quickly reverse to the Search tab within the bottom toolbar and search “Wrapped.” the primary search result ought to be a genre that reads “2021 Wrapped.” Select this to access Spotify’s 2021 Wrapped hub content.

Here, you may be ready to notice “a sort of personalised, data-driven, and with an editorial curated content.” This includes:

Your high Songs 2021

Let listeners discover their most-listened-to songs of the year.

Your Artists disclosed

It gives listeners personalized podcast episodes and songs that include their high artists of the year.

Top Tracks & Artists of 2021

Data-driven playlists feature music from the highest artists worldwide and listeners’ native markets.

Best New Podcasts of 2021

Data-driven choice of recent podcasts from inspiring creators that square measure is pushing boundaries.

Best Episodes of 2021

A curated choice of the year’s high podcast episodes.

The Best of 2021

Data-driven and with editorial curated music playlists to leap back to the most compelling songs of 2021 in each Genre.

A Look Back at 2021

Music and podcasts that contextualize 2021.

2021 Wrapped: mix

Listeners will use this to envision how their 2021 music tastes match up with friends, stream their homogenized list, and share their results on social media.

Buy Spotify play and its new feature, i.e., Spotify Wrapped 2021, is another game known as enjoying Cards that you will play with your friends. Titled once two truths and a lie, players will make merrymaking an attempt to guess the faux statement supported by a user’s printed Spotify Wrapped results.

Another feature for Spotify Wrapped, known as 2021: The motion-picture show matches songs to scenes from a motion-picture show regarding you.

When does spotify wrapped come out check here: https://www.spotifyfame.com/blog/when-does-spotify-wrapped-come-out/


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