What Is Express Entry? How Does It Work?

Express Entry

Canada is one of the most popular countries for migrants, with people from all over the world. To ensure that all migrants get a fair shot at immigrating to the country, the authorities use a merit-based immigration system to reduce the hassle. One of the main aspects of this system is the Express Entry program. 

As more people want to immigrate to the country, the process of immigration has become a lot more complex, so the Canadian government decided to use a point-based system called Express Entry. It ensures that only the best and the brightest immigrants can make it to Canada.

Let us understand more about the Express Entry system, how it works and how you can be eligible for Express Entry to Canada.

What Is Express Entry? 

Express Entry is an online application system used by the Canadian government to manage applications for permanent residence. The system was introduced in January 2015, and since then, it has become the primary method for applying for permanent residence in Canada.

How Does The Express Entry System Work?

The system is designed to be efficient and straightforward and has four main steps:

1. Create an online profile

2. Submit an online application

3. Receive an invitation to apply

4. Submit the complete application with all details.

The online profile is used to assess your eligibility for permanent residence. You will need to provide information about your work experience, education, language skills, and other factors.

Once you have created your profile, you will enter a pool of candidates. The Canadian government will then select candidates from the pool based on their skills and experience. If you are selected, you will be invited to apply for immigration to Canada. This invitation will include instructions on how to complete the application process. 

The Express Entry system is a great way for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. Once invited to apply, you have 60 days to submit a complete application, including all required documents. If your application is approved, you will receive a Confirmation of Permanent Residence, and you will be able to move to Canada as a permanent resident.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Express Entry, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • You must be between 18 and 55. 
  • You must have a minimum of one year of full-time paid work experience in a skilled occupation. 
  • You must have a valid Canadian work permit and a minimum language proficiency in English or French. 
  • You must have completed a minimum of one year of secondary school education and a post-secondary educational program. 
  • You must have proof of funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada and have no criminal history. 
  • You must agree to follow Canadian laws and respect the rights and freedoms of others.

While the Express Entry system is relatively new, it is already very popular and gives skilled workers a chance to work in Canada. When your documentation is correct, nothing stops you from immigrating to the country and building your future. Complete your formalities with care and precision and live in your dream country.