What is a good way to Treat Dry Eyes


I needed to get free of my glasses. I was so tired of wearing them. So, I finally decided one day to get Femto LASIK surgery done. This surgery would help me to get rid of my glasses. I went to the Visual Aids Centre in Delhi to consult the doctor. The surgeon there was so experienced and explained everything about this surgery to me in detail. Before meeting the surgeon there, I was a little scared about the after-effects of the surgery. Still, the surgeon made me realize that Femto Lasik surgery is entirely safe and that after-effects such as dry eyes are common in most patients and are very typical. After listening to him, I decided to get the surgery done.

After some eye tests, the doctor clarified that I was suitable for the surgery and told me to come after one week. After one week, my surgery day arrived. I went to the center to get the surgery done. Now, after a few hours, the surgery was completed successfully. The doctor told me after the surgery that I may face some complications, like my eyes could be dry. He suggested putting a few eye drops to get rid of the problem.

After a few days of the surgery, my eyes started getting dry. As per the doctor’s suggestion, I decided to put eye drops into my eyes to avoid the problem of dry eyes. After one week, I didn’t find many good results, so my mother suggested I try home remedies to prevent the problem.

Here are some of them:-

1. Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is perfect for dry eyes, as it makes a defensive layer over the tear film layers, bringing about diminished vanishing. Besides, coconut oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, parasitic, antiviral, and calming properties.

2. Vitamin D

An eating routine high in vitamin D can assist you with disposing of dry eyes. A few food varieties plentiful in vitamin D are egg yolks, pecans, cheddar, greasy fish like salmon or fish, nuts, and seeds.

3.A lot of liquids

I was drinking a lot of water over the day, and drinking assisted with freeing the side effects of dry eye. Water or different liquids are additionally favored, like lime water, new natural product juices, coconut water, and custom-made smoothies.

4. Warm Packs

Putting warm packs on the eyes assisted discharge with oiling in the eyelids’ organs, helping with working on the nature of the tears. Likewise, wash the eyelids cautiously with a perfect washcloth, cleanser, and warm water flushing the eyes thoroughly.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric was, as of late, recognized by me while visiting some sites. It appears to be my Dry-eyes that got turned around. Tears continue wetting my eyes constantly after consuming this.

The vast majority consider turmeric just as a zesty expansion that appears in their kitchen while they’re preparing Indian food.

Blend a touch of 100 percent ordinary turmeric powder with milk and bubble it for a couple of moments. Add some pepper powder to this. Drink this consistently. In something like seven days, you can feel the distinction.

6. Earthy-colored Rice Porridge (Kerala Rice Porridge/Kanji)

Have this for your lunch or supper with any side dish you like. The following day, you will feel the distinction without a doubt. Find support from a few South Indian companions for the recipe.

I tried the remedies mentioned above and found the results genuinely unique. My eyes started getting a little better after one week. All these remedies turned out to be magic for me.

Tips To Prevent Dry Eyes

Whether you experience the ill effects of infrequent dry eyes or persistent dry eye conditions, there are sure advances you can take to diminish the force and recurrence of dry eyes.

  • Enjoy reprieves while performing very close errands. Turn away like clockwork for no less than 20 seconds.
  • Stay away from smoke and other eye aggravations.
  • Wear shades outside to avoid the wind blowing in your eyes.
  • Utilize a humidifier at home to keep the air soggy.
  • Apply fake tears on a case-by-case basis.

What are the signs and side effects of dry eyes?

An individual with a dry eye condition might encounter a scope of side effects, including:

  • A sensation of dryness of the eyes
  • A sensation of coarseness or unfamiliar body sensation
  • Tingling
  • Irritation of the eyes
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Stinging or consuming vibe of the eyes
  • Release or bodily fluid in and around the eyes (particularly wiry mucous)
  • Aversion to smoke or wind
  • Aversion to light and computerized screens


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