What are people guided by when buying real estate in Thailand?

What are people guided by when buying real estate in Thailand?
What are people guided by when buying real estate in Thailand?

The desire to buy real property in Thailand should not be overlooked and abandoned. This is really a profitable investment. First of all, the property in the kingdom is highly beneficial due to the fact that the region is actively developing. The price of housing is rising and there is no tendency to decrease in the near future.

Property prices are not much down here, even in a pandemic, which is important to consider. Apartments and houses here are in high demand. The trusted Thailand real estate agency provides a great many alluring housing opportunities to suit any taste and goal. 

General characteristics of real estate in Thailand 

Foreigners deciding to buy real estate in Thailand or any other destination abroad pursue various purposes. However, some general characteristics of properties and the real estate market in the kingdom influence their desires as well. Among common beneficial features of homes in Thailand we have distinguished the following: 

  • a choice of options for every taste and different needs 
  • variants of housing units of a relatively modest budget
  • high quality of services
  • high security level
  • welcoming and friendly locals 
  • good investment return in a relatively short term. 

Everyone will find an option that suits them on a wide list of parameters and claim to be perfect. There are small budget apartments, luxury villas, and apartments in modern complexes with all amenities. When it comes to price, here size of the premises, their condition and geographical location play a role. The latter is often a priority.

Purposes of buying real estate in Thailand 

As a rule, any purchase of real estate may be performed by one of the next goals. 

  1. Investment 
  2. House for temporary stay
  3. House for moving to the kingdom for living

The tourism boom and the influx of expats gave an impetus to the development of Thai infrastructure. Today, the country has several dozens of resort regions with limitless recreational opportunities. So, it is important to decide on the goal and start a new life with Thai real estate. 

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Foreign investors appreciate different locations of Thailand as they understand their profitability and high popularity among tourists. Most people prefer investing in the island to living there permanently due to weather conditions. Extreme heat all year round is not for everyone, while having a comfortable house for renting it out is another deal. 

Among the most obvious reasons of investing in Thai property, we can name the next features: 

– tourist season never ends that provokes high demand on rental property 

– stable economic situation and complete security 

– transparency of the real estate market 

– absence of property taxes  

– low entry threshold – from $80,000 for an apartment by the sea under construction

– good rental income of 5-7%

House for temporary stay 

House for temporary stay is a perfect decision for avoiding regular renting issues and searching for a new house or apartment when vacationing in Thailand. Besides, they can be easily rented out when you are not in the country.

In such a case, you manage two successful situations. Such multi-purpose complexes differ from investment projects in terms of size, management, hotel license, return on investment, liquidity, and of course the flow of tourists.

House for moving to the kingdom for living 

These options are suitable for those who want to live in Thailand year-round, run a business, enjoy retirement or write books, for example.

Such complexes are away from tourists and closer to schools, kindergartens, hospitals, golf courses and picturesque green hills. For clients with such goals, we advise against considering tourist locations, where everything has a resort-like markup and hustle and bustle.

However, if you cannot imagine yourself living in a remote area in peace and quiet, look for real estate in more lively cities. 


Foreigners come to Thailand with different aims and plans. Still, the real estate market provides multiple profitable options for any of intentions. The website Thailand-Real.Estate introduces the updated information of the most popular residential developments on the island and trusted real estate agencies. Open the website, set up the necessary criteria and start your journey to the world of Thai real estate.

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