The USA USFL: A History of the Sport


The USA USFL is a long and proud history, dating back to 1895. It’s the first professional American football league, and it’s still going strong today. In this post, we’ll take a look at the beginnings of the sport in America, as well as some of its key moments.

The USA USFL was founded in 1933

The USA USFL is a soccer league that was founded in 1933. The league is made up of teams from across the United States and has played over 1,000 games to date. The USA USFL is one of the most popular soccer leagues in the world, and it has helped contribute to the growth of American soccer.

How Did the USA USFL Start

The USA USFL was founded in 1933 as a merger between two other soccer leagues: the American Soccer League (ASL) and the National Professional Soccer League (NPSL). The merged leagues were created to create a more unified sports landscape in America. In 1932, ASL president John Sonnenfeld decided that baseball should be given its own independent season so that American soccer could have its own competition; this led to the merger of baseball’s Second Division with the ASL.

Subsequently, both leagues were combined into one entity known as the American Soccer League (ASL) to make sure that all teams would play in one place and would have an easier time recruiting players.

In order for both leagues to merge, they needed agreement from all participating clubs; this was not easily done because there were many different ideologies and interests within each league. However, Sonnenfeld eventually reached an understanding with his counterpart at NPSL- owner Lamar Hunt- and merged the two leagues into one on July 1, 1933.

The merger gave rise to several changes within both leagues due to their size: first, teams were divided evenly into conferences (west coast vs east coast), which increased competition among teams and secondly, player contracts were standardized across all organizations- meaning players could only be signed by one team per season.

This allowed clubs more money to spend on players while also reducing transfer fees and allowing teams more stability during off-season training programs since they wouldn’t have to worry about signing multiple high-priced players at once.

In 1934, after just four seasons of operations, both ASL and NPSL disbanded due to financial difficulties. However, Sonnenfeld decided not to disband either league completely but instead amalgamate them into one entity called the American Soccer Association (ASA).

This move signalled a new era for American soccer where professional clubs would no longer compete against each other but rather work together towards common goals. It was during this time that America’s most successful club- Liverpool FC- was formed from two ASAL members: Liverpool AC and Anfield Fc.

As part of this renaissance period for American soccer, another merger occurred in 1936 when Nashville SC merged with Chattanooga FC; this alliance allowed Tennessee FC access to some of Chattanooga FC’s best players which helped them win three consecutive USL championships between 1936-1939 before being crowned national champions in 1939 under head coach Howard Hughes himself!

Subsequently, following these successes came tragedies; Nashville SC folded after World War II while Chattanooga FC lost ownership of their stadium(s) which left them without a home field until they joined forces with Charleston Battery in 2009!

As football continued its resurgence throughout the Cold War Era through professional franchises such as Manchester United or Dallas Cowboys – America’s most popular sport continued growing even despite esports becoming more popular – it was only natural that a similar sport would emerge in response: called ‘soccer’ or ‘football’. The USA USFL wasn’t simply a continuation of football but rather it was football lite with added rules and regulations specific towards soccer specifically…

The USA USFL is a Soccer League

Yes! The USA USFL actually refers to itself as “soccer” – unlike NCAA Football where “football” seems like an okay terms name but doesn’t quite sum up what it actually is!


The USA USFL was founded in 1933 and played its first game that year. The league played its first season, which included a few games against other leagues, in 1934. The league folded in 1945, but it reformed the following year and continued to play until the merger of the American Soccer League (ASL) and the Professional Football League (PFL) in 1966.

The USA USFL played its first game in 1933

The USA USFL played its first season in 1933, and it was a soccer league. The ASL and PFL merged to form the NFL in 1966, so the USA USFL would have been disbanded had it not merged into the NFL.

The USA USFL History

The USA USFL was founded in 1933, and it played its first game that year. The USFL was a soccer league, and it was one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. The USA USFL is still a popular sport today, and it continues to play schedule regular games across the United States.


The USA USFL is a soccer league that played its first game in 1933. The USA USFL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, and it’s one of the most popular teams in the USA. With over 100,000 fans, the USA USFL has always been a major force in American football.


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