Unblocked Games – Play Angry Birds on Unblocked Websites


Angry Birds is one of the world’s most beloved games, thanks to its colorful graphics and enjoyable gameplay. It offers hours of enjoyment when played.

Unblocked Games 66 EZ sites allow gamers to access their favorite games – like Angry Birds unblocked – from anywhere and at any time, making Angry Birds an excellent solution for gamers who are restricted from playing at school or work.

Angry Birds Unblocked

You know how exciting Angry Birds games are: you shoot birds at pigs to take them down and progress through various levels. Now this popular game can be enjoyed without being blocked in schools and offices by using unblocked websites to play!

Angry Birds is an extremely popular game available across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. The main objective is to shoot birds at pigs to bring them down and cause as much destruction as possible.

There are multiple birds available to you in each level that can help to destroy pigs and towers that appear throughout. Each one offers something special; yellow birds have faster flying speeds while black birds act like explosive bombs!

As a physics-based game, Angry Birds Space does an outstanding job at taking the classic Angry Birds formula to outer space. Its intricate gameplay and consistent physics systems bring freshness back into an otherwise repetitive format while its playful gravity approach adds something new and innovative to this series.

Angry Birds 2 Unblocked

Angry Birds 2 is one of the world’s best casual games, boasting millions of players worldwide and boasting an incredibly addicting puzzle game with a captivating narrative.

In Angry Birds 2, players must use their birds to shoot at buildings that house pigs, and shoot your shots into them in order to eliminate them. Since some pigs may prove hard to eliminate, you need to remain adaptable when dealing with this difficult challenge.

This game boasts 240 levels, each one offering multiple sections that you unlock as you play – giving this title plenty of replay value while becoming increasingly more challenging over time.

Your performance in each stage earns you crystals that can be used to unlock more birds and spells – these spells can do things like rain ducks that destroy pigs!

Another new feature allows users to select their bird of choice instead of being limited by preselected options, providing more customizable experiences and making sure that teams have access to appropriate birds for tasks.

Angry Birds Friends Unblocked

Angry Birds Friends is an enhanced version of the beloved pig-splatting game, providing players with an entertaining gaming experience while maintaining its timeless classic appeal. Players can take on solo play or compete with Facebook friends. It offers an engaging gaming experience while remaining faithful to previous versions.

Launch birds from your slingshot to hit green pigs hidden within various structures and destroy them for points. As you progress, new types of birds with special powers become available that can help you win!

Rovio provides this free-to-play title, but you can purchase in-game power-ups and upgrades that can help increase scoring while improving slingshot performance.

Angry Birds Friends is a social version of the classic pig-splatting game in which players compete against their Facebook friends to win gold, silver, or bronze trophies for each level every week. This keeps gameplay fresh and interesting by providing an unusual competitive format unlike anything found elsewhere within Angry Birds titles.

Angry Birds Star Wars Unblocked

Angry Birds Star Wars goes beyond traditional Angry Birds games; it reimagines the characters from Star Wars with new strategies and powers added into Angry Birds gameplay based around them. Luke Skywalker uses his Lightsaber to slice through weak building blocks, Han Solo fires off blaster fire on his trajectory path, while Obi-Wan Kenobi can push away enemies using force push techniques.

At its heart, Crash Bandicoot 2 is an exercise in creative level design that keeps players guessing with its ever-shifting gravity and air paths, from Cloud City and space levels with variable physics that make flinging your bird difficult, to even small city levels where changing gravity poses challenges to overcome.

Angry Birds Star Wars’ birds don’t simply act out their roles; they also possess special abilities that add to its excitement. For instance, Red can throw laser-firing lightsabers which deflect Stormpiggie fire, while Han’s yellow bird opens blaster rounds while flying.