Top 9 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Templates


We listed the top 9 artificial intelligence (AI) templates(PPT) for technology and IT presentations. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is in demand in press headlines and business discussions. John McCarthy first used the phrase “artificial intelligence” in 1955 to describe the process of making machines that mimic human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence performs functions requiring human intelligence, such as decision-making and voice recognition. The field of artificial intelligence is large and complex, with numerous definitions and uses. AI has already impacted how organizations run and interact with their clients and staff. The healthcare and education sectors can use AI, from sophisticated software to robotics. To use this technology effectively, one must thoroughly comprehend the entire subject.

Top 9 Artificial Intelligence Templates Used by AI Companies

The field of technology is competitive. Tech startups are in the hundreds of thousands each year. It would be best if you had a visually appealing presentation to advertise your business to attract potential customers and investors. This article will discuss technology’s top 9 AI (Artificial Intelligence) templates apart from best data science blogs.

1. AI For Digital Transformation PowerPoint Template

The digital revolution in business has forced organizations to develop innovative methods to interact with partners, engage customers, and optimize operations.

Organizations acknowledge the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in attaining these objectives. The use of AI to automate activities, analyze data, and enable advancements in pattern recognition, natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision may achieve this.

To conclude, Slide Team templates are the best way to discover how AI contributes to digital transformation. They were created by specialists in the field of machine learning and are simple to use and customize.

2. Geometry Keynote Template of AI

Look no further than Geometry if you’re seeking a simple Google Slides theme for your IT firm. It’s simple to share information about your company using the geometry template. There are 25 cutting-edge, original slides in the template. Fonts, colors, background images, and more may all be changed. The entire theme is animated.

The Geometry Keynote Presentation Template features a polished, cutting-edge, and distinctive design, with each slide made with care and attention to detail. So, you can use a geometry Keynote template for any presentation genre, including business, portfolio, corporate, branding, and advertising.

3.  AI and Robotics Powerpoint Template

If you’re looking for a magnificent, accessible technology Google Slides theme, the AI Tech Company Profile template is a great option.

The AI Robots animated PowerPoint template displays science fiction graphics with inventive animated effects. Moreover, the humanoid robots slides are appropriate for discussing machine learning, AI research, and upkeep. Furthermore, you might include slides showing robots in action to highlight innovation and its application in developing countries. The data chart and timeline slides of the AI & Robotic PowerPoint Template have a technological theme. The pointed bar chart segments are appropriate for project reporting and AI research.

4. Power Your Point Technology (PPT) template in AI

Power Your Point is a cutting-edge template that is a good choice for presentations on technology, including artificial intelligence and e-commerce. It has ten different slides, each with a blue technological background. You can also utilize it for a business resume or company profile.

Artificial intelligence enables machines to alter and adapt when users interact with them. As well as, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning simulation software are capable of understanding and extrapolating human behavior.

5. Sci-Fi PowerPoint Template

Technical presentations can use the excellent Sci-Fi presentation template. It has 20 distinct slides with futuristic fonts and abstract technological backgrounds. So, use these PowerPoint templates to create an excellent presentation. Hence, the PowerPoint template’s key features are:

1.Completely and simply editable (shape, color, size, and text)

2.Placing an image with drag and drop

3.When copied and pasted, this template’s color scheme will automatically apply.

6. Brain Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Template

A single slide illustrates science and technology themes graphically. Most digital technology-related PowerPoint templates feature images of the brain as a data network or a gear system. In addition, the incredible background gear design and circuit board bus pattern reveal the artificial intelligence component.

Such mind PowerPoint templates are presentation tools used to illustrate information technology-related topics. However, users can replicate the two text placeholders on the slide to add additional information. The Brain Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Template is one of the top 10 artificial intelligence templates for startups and business owners.

7. Free-X Technology Keynote Template

Never before has created an animated presentation from scratch been so simple.
Now, Instead of taking hours, you can now construct a strong, professional deck with a beautiful design using the “X” Presentation Template (or even days). There are ten different slides in the free version.

The full version consists of the following:

  • Keynote Slides +100 (Smooth Animated)
  • Excellent Animation
  • 8000+ Bonus Vector Icons
  • Includes all country maps
  • Editable and Resizable for All Graphics
  • 100% Editable (All Icons, Elements & Info-graphics as Vectors)
  • Drag your images into the slides using the Picture Placeholder.

8. AI technology Pitch Deck presentation

The Top 100 Artificial Intelligence companies use AI technology pitch deck templates for graphics. This is a design template for a pitch deck. Artificial intelligence technology inspired its creation. It is effective because it includes pertinent graphics and photos. Additionally, It’s wise to adjust the color scheme to fit your needs.

  • Inventive and clever presentation slides
  • Simple personalization
  • easily alterable colors

9. Tech Start-Up Overview Template

If you’re looking for a magnificent free technology Google Slides theme, the AI Tech Company Profile template is a great option. The AI technology template has a sophisticated design and technological components, including chips, networks, and facial recognition. So, the top 10 AI startups use this template.

So, use this well-designed AI technology throughout the deck to incorporate the idea of artificial intelligence and its rise. Furthermore, you can instruct kids on the numerous facets of artificial intelligence with the aid of this visually beautiful Google Slides-compatible PowerPoint template.


In short, our precise, step-by-step instructions make it easier for you to learn how to use this potent tool for presentations, business ideas, or creative endeavors. In other words, we appreciate you reading more AI related posts. Consequently, we wish you luck in searching for the top technological Google Slides templates.


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