Thinking of Starting a Fitness Program – Here’s the First Thing You Need to Do!



Dr jay Feldman: What are you hoping to achieve with your training in the next six months? Have you recently signed up for an introductory climbing class? Is this the year that you finally shed 10 pounds? Do you need to clean out your equipment at home and use it? Do you have a friend who has enticed you to participate in the triathlon? Is this the year you’ll meet an instructor you trust who can help you? Isn’t the ideal moment to determine your priorities and then put a plan in action to achieve specific desired objectives?


Dr jay Feldman: The following example is intended to help you more severe approach to setting goals for yourself. To achieve any goal in relation to family, business fitness, health education, and similar, you have to do five things. The first step is to make the goals you want to achieve as SPECIFIC as possible.

It is important to ensure that your dreams can be measured and that you will be aware of when you have achieved them and then go on to other goals. Be sure to keep them action-oriented and have the plan to help each dream become a reality. Keep them realistic so that you maintain motivation and enthusiasm. Also, ensure that they are TIME-STAMPED to ensure that you take action and follow through.


Dr jay Feldman: If your main ambition is to shed 10 pounds, then great. It’s a SPECIFIC and measurable target. Let’s consider the reason you’re aiming for it. Do you have someone telling you that you must shed that extra weight? Are you convinced your weight isn’t the same as it was in the past? Do you have a chart telling the five feet” as a woman, you must weigh 125lbs or are overweight?

What would happen if you were to increase the weight by 10 lbs and then lose 10,025 pounds of body fat, thus significantly reducing the body fat percentage to 18% without losing even a single pound? Do you have more energy and endurance, feel better with your outfit, and can wear that strapless dress to a reunion you’ve always wanted?

What would be more appealing rather than “losing 10 pounds?” We’re trying to identify the ULTIMATE objective and the motivations that drive it. It might not be so much the number but rather the reason and satisfaction that comes from the things you’ll need to do to lose 10 lbs. Your target may differ from what it was initially set to appear!


Dr jay Feldman: If you’re trying to stay healthy, it can take time to determine if you’ve achieved that objective. Your perception of health is different from the rest of us’s. For instance, if “health” means not having the sniffles, eating some oranges or kiwis daily may help. When “health” means climbing without risking an injury to your shoulder and enjoying the summer without having lower back pain and throb up, it will require much more effort.

Anyone planning to participate in their first triathlon in the summer will follow a different training program than one who wants to finish the Ironman within 8 hours or less. Making “measurable” goals is to ensure you know whether you are meeting your goals weekly or monthly. How far you’ve come or if you have to alter your actions.


Dr jay Feldman: The goal of achieving 15% body fat by losing 1 pound per week and adding one pound in muscle per month is a specific goal and quantifiable; however, how will you achieve it? This is where you should set your sights on and organize your actions. What kind of cardio workout is required? How often?

What adjustments do you have to make in your eating habits? What type of strength training program can help you with gains in muscle? In this phase, you’ll be able to get assistance from an expert, such as a fitness expert, doctor or nutritionist, or a close friend, who can offer ideas and tips that inspire and instruct you.


Keep your goals within the limits of possibility, and you’ll be discouraged. The idea of losing 10 pounds over one month is impossible. It can be risky as you’d be losing primarily water weight and lean muscle mass (remember, it’s the kind of stuff you’re trying to keep and can keep your metabolism up.)


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