The Melbourne Wine Store Review

Wine Store in Melbourne

Are you searching for an Australian website where to buy premium wine online? Look no further than WineVault. This site boasts an impressive selection of wines and spirits, along with fast and dependable delivery. If wine is your thing, this site has everything you need!


This store sells beer, cider and mixers. Open seven days a week, the staff here is friendly and helpful.


For the knowledgeable wine connoisseur, a well-curated wine shop is an ideal place to discover new wines, learn about your favorites and pick up some delicious bottles for friends or family. A great bottle store should offer plenty of exciting labels at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank.

Melbwinstore provides an expansive selection of wines, both well-known and obscure. Additionally, they stock Australian and imported champagne, American whiskey, bourbon, rum and cider to suit any palate.

They are a leading independent wine merchant that supplies restaurants and bars nationwide with beer, cider, spirits, wine, mixers and gifts for both retail and commercial clients. Plus they provide their customers with an unbeatable service by allowing them to buy online and have their wine delivered right to their door – nationwide!

Gerald’s is one of Melbourne’s premier wine bars, boasting an extensive by-the-glass list and knowledgeable staff that will happily guide you through an extensive selection of wines. With their expert guidance, Gerald’s has become one of the go-to spots for those seeking quality vino.

The glamorous central business district bar is an ideal destination to sample something off the beaten path – whether it’s a crisp and refreshing grenache-shiraz blend from Australia or an earthy and tannic Rhone wine without additives you typically find. With an ever-changing list of spirits at their bar, you may just stumble upon something you wouldn’t expect looking down that same row at your supermarket liquor store.

It’s a cozy, owner-operated space with an emphasis on food and booze. It’s an unusual hybrid wine bar-bottle shop that specializes in minimal intervention wine from both sides of the pond.

Burton and his team possess an expert understanding of natural wine, with shelves and fridges filled with high-quality additive-free wines from around the world. You’ll find everything from a refreshing sparkling xarel-lo/parellada to Julien Prevel’s impressive chenin blanc, plus plenty more in between.


The Melbourne Wine Store is an award-winning total wine store that must be visited for anyone in the area. They carry an incredible selection of wines and beers, including many hard to find bottles. Their staff is knowledgeable and helpful when helping you select the ideal bottle to suit your needs. Plus they have some delectable snacks such as cheeses, crackers and cured meats too.

Their wine and cocktail section is a must-visit if you have an expansive party, as they have numerous options to choose from. Plus, their wine sommeliers are more than happy to assist in selecting the ideal bottle and making your event a hit!

Melbourne Wine Store stands head and shoulders above other wine stores in the area with their extensive selection of wines from around the world. Their staff has taken great care to curate an impressive collection that offers something for everyone’s palate.

Craft beer enthusiasts will find a vast selection of local and international beers here, all organized in an inviting store that most customers are sure to enjoy shopping in.

I wasn’t expecting much from this shop, but they exceeded my expectations. The staff were friendly and helpful, the wine selection excellent as well as their liquor selection. Plus they have some ice cream in the fridge which was delightful! Plus they have a fun tasting room at the back – what an awesome place! I wish more people would visit!

This wine store offers many of the same high-end items as Hi-Time Cellars in Newport at more reasonable prices. I will definitely return here again!


Are you hosting an event or searching for the perfect selection of spirits to take home with you? has everything you need – they offer an extensive range of branded wine, mixers, sparkling wines, and boutique Australian wines at great prices – plus they provide free shipping on orders over six bottles!

For over a century, Wine shop Melbourne has been an iconic Melbourne bottle shop. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the ideal bottle of alcohol to suit your requirements, plus they offer plenty of tasty snacks to accompany it.

They offer an expansive selection of spirits, such as single malt whiskies and blends from Scotland, Japan, Switzerland and Australia. Additionally, they carry craft beer and specialty spirits like an apricot brandy beloved by bartenders across America.

Another interesting option is Ketel One Dutch vodka, a brand that has been around for over 100 years and was created by the Nolet family. This vodka has an exquisite smoothness and taste and would make an excellent addition to parties or events.

Castle Wine & Spirits is an exciting shopping destination that features an expertly curated collection of fine wines, craft beer and spirits. The medieval-themed store has a regal atmosphere that makes it a great place to explore. The friendly staff are always ready to assist customers with whatever they need – from organizing beverages for events to gift baskets – plus they host wine education classes led by Freitas that teach about different types of beverages as well as pairings. Castle Wine & Spirits boasts over 1,000 items in stock!