The 5 Best Indian Restaurants In Doha


Visiting Doha and exploring its Islamic richness can be exciting. But what would you need to keep yourself charging and walking? Food, yes, that’s right. Food is an essential component for humans to stay alive and active. Hence, you may want to try Indian food and spices in Doha. Here you can explore several popular and award-winning restaurants in Doha.

For commuting, you should look for a car rental Doha to easily reach your reservations on time. Moreover, it will provide you freedom from taxis and public transport. Thus, take the rental car and reach your favorite Indian restaurant when you are famished. Here is the list of five leading restaurants you can find in Doha.

  1. Riyasat Doha
  2. Chingari
  3. Jamavar Restaurant
  4. Taj Rasoi
  5. Asha’s Restaurant

1. Riyasat Doha

The St Regis Doha now houses Riyasat, an upscale Indian restaurant. For this launching, the St. Regis Doha and chef Surjan Singh Jolly collaborated to develop a menu showcasing six exceptional techniques. The restaurant will provide the tastiest dishes possible to celebrate the cultural year between Qatar and India, including pot-roasted, tandoor, char-grilled, braised, and steaming options. Among the various dishes offered are Biryani, Jheenga Balai, Tali Machchi and several other Indian dishes.

The fine dining food served at Riyasat allows guests to experience the extravagant tastes of Indian dishes. Learn about the joyous reimagining of historical traditions in a contemporary, young, and global setting.

2. Chingari

Chingari is one of Doha’s finest charming Indian cafés for baked foods. This little cafe emits the most wonderful feelings. The rich red colour and dazzling Indian band offer the perfect ambience for dinner, intimate parties, or cooperation. The cuisine is tasty and offers a wide variety that isn’t your standard “English Indian” fare. Indian food in its purest form is served. The greatest Music can be heard while savouring traditional North Indian food.

When you approach the café and sit on Chingari’s plush sofas, the restaurant’s delicious aroma will have people yearning over the menu. Chingari takes great pleasure in developing authentic Indian dishes and presenting Tandoor food to Doha.

3. Jamavar Restaurant

Jamavar has developed into a name for delicious Indian food. To maintain its legacy, Jamawar Restaurant was inaugurated in 2001 in India. From then, it started to expand its business in different parts of the World.

Jamawar is a restaurant for people loving Indian food with Indian spices and a touch of Qatari culture. In Qatar, this restaurant serves both majestic and classic food. It welcomes people worldwide to come and taste the delicious taste of Indian Spices. If you are craving Mughlai or royal dishes, you must dine here. It will take you to South Asian tastes and flavors.

4. Taj Rasoi

Taj Rasoi is a little expensive, but the cuisine is delicious and mouthwatering. With Indian Music in the background, this restaurant has fantastic light settings, with old classical tablecloths like British curry houses.

The menu offers a wide variety of Tandoori meals and an outstanding range of starters, soups, salads, desserts, and beverages.

5. Asha’s Restaurant

The famous Indian soprano Asha Bhosle started her Indian restaurant in Doha to pursue her second passion. At this real Indian cafe, you may enjoy the tastiest, most inventive, and freshly prepared Northwestern dishes. You’ll like the tender meats that have been flavored and spiced with Indian ingredients to pique your taste buds.

In addition to being one of the best Instagram – worthy locations in Doha, Asha’s is also a great spot to get Indian meals at a fair price. The food isn’t very hot and usually comes with tempting, revitalizing mixed drinks. You will experience India’s kindness, love, and wealth because of the welcoming staff, the bustling environment, and the delectable cuisine.


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