Star Swim Schools: Several Programs Designed To Teach Your Child To Swim Safely


Star Swim Schools provide children with an assortment of learn-to-swim programs. Their primary focus is water safety and survival skills training, so you can trust that your child will receive high-quality instruction.


This program is particularly well suited to infants and toddlers aged six months to three years. It emphasizes water exploration and basic swimming skills through songs, rhymes, and repetition of practice sessions.

Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim lessons are an ideal way for children of all ages to become comfortable in the water, helping them build skills gradually while providing ample opportunity for practice between sessions. These classes emphasize building skills gradually while encouraging kids to utilize what they’ve learned between sessions.

Students ages two-and-a-half to five years old can join our “Guppy” group for lessons designed to develop water safety habits and make more confident swimmers. Our certified instructors lead these lessons using fun songs designed to engage children in learning the art of swimming.

Dolphin, Shark and Sea Lion level 1 classes provide older students with basic swimming instruction. Students learn to float on both backs and bellies while practicing basic movements of elementary backstroke such as arm stroke. Furthermore, students practice submersion, front crawl, jumping and “crabby walks” (using edges of pool for safety).

Our Dolphin, Shark and Sea Lion Level 2 classes are designed to build on the fundamental skills learned in previous classes. In particular, this level is focused on developing skills related to gliding and swimming for longer distances with little assistance while practicing front and back kicks as well as learning streamlined swimming, an advanced technique which can propel oneself forward faster.

As they advance through this level, students also begin practicing more complex movements such as side breathing and breaststroke. By the end of this class, they should be able to properly execute all of the skills they have gained so far.

Level five classes focus on helping students hone their strokes and prepare them for competitive swimming. Participants in this level are challenged to increase their endurance, speed and strength as they complete more laps than they have done previously.

At the conclusion of this level, students will also have a chance to test out all of the skills they’ve been learning during a race – an invaluable way of preparing them for school swimming carnivals and other competitive events.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons clyde are an excellent way to introduce your young child to water and teach them how to stay safe in it. In addition, these classes allow parents and children to bond together – skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, an important love hormone which creates strong ties between adults and their offspring.

At this location, a variety of classes are offered at once: Parent & Me (ages 6 months to 3 years), Preschool Swims (ages 3-12), and Advanced Baby (age 36 months or less). All group sessions feature a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

These classes take place in a shiver-free 90-degree pool equipped with both shallow end and deep end areas for added safety and comfort. A certified swim instructor remains with the children at all times to ensure safety and comfort levels are met.

The Starfish Program for children aged six months to three years focuses on fun, safety and learning elementary swimming skills in a group setting. It seeks to promote high levels of comfort and boost confidence among participants while actively encouraging participation from both parents and children.

Their instructors are certified through the United States Lifesaving Association and possess over 40 hours of classroom training on aquatic skills, rescue techniques, infant CPR and first aid – they’re knowledgeable, relaxed and calm while teaching your child to swim!

They also offer private lessons for those looking for one-on-one instruction from certified swim instructors at two of their locations throughout the year. These 30 minute one-on-one sessions with certified swim instructors can be found throughout their schedule of lessons.

Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy of Franklin, Tennessee provides another outstanding option. Their day and evening Parent & Tot Classes run from May to August at their heated saltwater pool – with friendly, efficient staff that come highly recommended!

An effective search strategy involves conducting some preliminary research. Read reviews written by other parents, to gain an idea of their experiences.

Middle Tennessee Five Star Swim School locations provide comprehensive group and private swimming lessons designed to develop confidence and build skills, so your child may participate in competitive swim teams later.

Adult Swimming Lessons

No matter your goals for learning how to swim, overcoming your fear of the water or preparing for an advanced swim test, our instructors are here to assist. Our lessons are customized according to individual needs and delivered either in-home, at your private pool or a public pool – our experienced instructors know exactly how to lead you down this path toward becoming a life-long safe swimmer!

Red Cross Certified Instructors teach our classes for children, babies and adults of all ages. All instructors have undergone professional training that meets a minimum requirement of 40 hours of in-water training; lessons take place in an atmosphere which promotes calm learning environments focused on relaxation. Students learn fundamentals such as taking breaths underwater, floating and developing confidence while swimming.

Children begin their aquatic education in infant / toddler classes where they develop basic water skills, become comfortable in the water and make friends. This program introduces aquatic safety while encouraging purposeful movement in the water and providing an engaging learning environment for parent-child interactions.

Step two is our YMCA program where children develop the necessary skills for entering water confidently, progressing through levels that focus on swim readiness, personal safety and competency in four competitive swimming strokes. Once this step has been accomplished, students are prepared for our swim team program where they will continue honing their strokes and improving endurance.

Adults new to swimming will find our Swim Fundamentals course beneficial, where you will be introduced to some of the fundamentals such as breathing, balancing in the water, swimming on both back and stomach, rotating from front to back and treading water. Once completed, this course will ensure that you can confidently face any depth of water with ease.

The Aquatic Center provides American Red Cross-certified swimming lessons for children from six months through teens. Sessions usually run for 10 weeks, taking place seven days a week. Swimming Classes Clyde provide an ideal way for your children to become acquainted with water while having fun at the same time!

Competitive Swimming

Star Swim Schools provides several programs designed to teach your child to swim safely. Their classes cater to infants and toddlers as well as older kids. Plus they offer free trial sessions so you can see if the program suits them! Star also offers competitive swimming lessons for those aspiring to improve their skills or compete in school swim carnivals.

At the core of this program stand its instructors, who collectively boast more than 70 years of swim instruction experience. Their philosophy encompasses fun, safety and an appreciation of teaching; their playful yet whimsical teaching methods have enabled kids of all ages to overcome any fears they had of water and become successful swimmers. You can visit their website or social media accounts to gain more information about their programs.

This renowned learning-to-swim organization was established in 1975 on two principles: an effective curriculum and quality staff. They have received multiple national awards for their efforts, including one award that honored them as being among the top programs and facilities nationwide. Furthermore, they boast an STAmark rating of 4.5 that must be maintained every two years.