Scar Revision and Secondary Reconstruction for Skin Cancer



Mark removal is a procedure performed to give you fresh and pulpy skin and helps you say goodbye to the scars. Get glowing, whiter, and shiny skin with the best surgical scar revision in Dubai. We are presenting the best way to give our individuals an effective and memorable experience.

Every individual is appealing for smooth, bright, and fair skin. At our clinic, we are presenting the treatment procedures for you. The therapy eases the contenders to scrap away the bronzed tone, marks, blemishes on the skin, and scratches on the skin.

What are marks?

It is a spot on the skin that remains after an injury or wound has healed. Moreover, these pits are a normal byproduct of healing. Although they never entirely vanish, the majority will fade. Fibrous tissue frequently makes up scars. In addition, marks can develop from a variety of causes, including injury, infections, surgery, traumas, or tissue inflammation. Anywhere on the body, a scar can develop, and its structure might differ, appearing flat, lumpy, sunken, or colored. They could hurt or itch.

What is a secondary reconstruction for skin?

If you are one who is suffering from skin cancer your doctor might suggest skin reconstructive surgery. This surgery will be performed to restore the skin and tissue and lessen scarring, depending on the kind of skin cancer and how much skin and tissue surrounding the disease has to be removed. It leaves some scars on the skin. And to remove the scars from the skin surgeons do suggests mark removal surgery. 

What exactly this revision surgery is?

The quality or appearance of blemishes in any area of the body can be improved through a process known as scar revision. In addition, a variety of surgical procedures are utilized in surgical scar revision in Dubai, either individually or in conjunction with other surgical or non-surgical scar therapies. 

The procedure is performed for aesthetic reasons or to restore function to a bodily component that has been hindered by scar tissues. The kind, location, and size of the scar determine the best course of action for surgery.

Surgical treatment options:

For the correction of this problem, a variety of treatments are available. Simple or serial excision, with or without tissue expansion, regularization via zplasty, w-plasty, m-plasty, or broken line closure, resurfacing with dermabrasion and lasers, minimally invasive techniques like fillers and paralytics, and adjunctive techniques involving steroids, silicone sheeting, and cosmetics are a few of these approaches.

How is it performed?

There are a few fundamental steps in the treatment procedure of surgical scar revision in Dubai:

  • First, the doctor will check your medical history
  • Surgeons will lie you on the bed.
  • Then they clean the surgical area to avoid intact bacteria
  • After that, the well-qualified team of doctors will administrate the anesthesia.
  • After all this, they will mark the positions where treatment has to be done
  • After this surgeons reshaped the tissues

General anesthetic and local anesthetic are frequently used during this surgical scar revision in Dubai. This is to ensure your ultimate results will closely match your aims. It can usually take 1 to 2 hours. 

Secondary Reconstruction for Skin Cancer is performed when patients did not able to achieve their desired results in the first stage of treatment. 

If the tissue sample doesn’t test negative for malignant cells, the procedure is repeated with the patient under further anesthetic. Depending on its size and location, the wound may be closed once the area has been cleared of cancer cells or left open to recover.

Beyond the potential for discomfort, many patients worry about the surgery’s aesthetic results. They are concerned that it will leave a visible scar. To remove these blemishes then surgeons suggest having mark removal treatment along with secondary reconstruction for skin cancer. 

Preparations for the treatment:

Before the surgery or the treatment, we have to prepare your bodies accordingly.

  • Refrain smoking
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Stop using all types of medications
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Go with all necessary blood tests advised by the doctor
  • Take all prescribed medicines 
  • Does not take any tablets without the consultation of your doctor

Who can have this?

  • Anyone who wanted to look more fabulous
  • Candidates who want flawless skin
  • Contenders are fed up with applying different scar removal creams
  • A person who has loose confidence
  • Contenders having this problem

When should one need to get a mark removal treatment?

As people age, scratches diminish, and lose some of their visibility. You might be able to put off surgery until the scar’s color lightens. After the wound has healed, this may take many months or even a year. It is preferable to wait for two to three months or more to have removal surgery for some marks.

Complications and Risks:

The process might have a few risks associated with it, they include:

  • The process could be scarring
  • Patients may feel itching
  • Sometimes contenders might face infections
  • In some cases, patients suffer from swelling
  • Bleeding can also be a cause of trouble for the patient

How long do results stay after marks removal on the skin?

The marks often disappear between a few weeks to a month, but it might take up to a year before you see the full effects. How soon your body can heal from a wound is also influenced by personal circumstances. Scars heal more quickly in older people or in areas where the skin is more floppy.

Final Verdict:

Selecting the best surgeon to handle your needs is one of the most important things you can do for your beauty and health. He should make you feel at ease and make it easier for you to interact with him when you first meet. A helper will contact you as soon as possible after you just make a request. Our surgeons of cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai will provide extensive, tailored care to individuals who have a range of cosmetic concerns. Patients’ needs are satisfied by surgeons.


How difficult is the removal of skin cancer?

 The local anesthetic injection is typically the most uncomfortable aspect of the procedure. You may feel pressure once the region is numbed as the surgeon works, but extracting the initial specimen only takes a few minutes.

Is surgery to remove marks secure?

The majority of the time, this treatment is risk-free, but like any surgery, there is a chance of infection, bleeding, or a return of the marks. Follow the pre-and post-operative guidelines provided by your care team to prevent them, and during the healing process, keep the lines of communication open about any worries you may have.

Can a dermatologist remove marks?

These marks are typically a painful reminder of a previous injury. Over-the-counter drugs may be used to treat this problem, but they often have poor outcomes. When surgery is required, it is sometimes referred to as “mark removal surgery” by dermatologists.

After a scar, does skin regrowth occur?

When your skin is injured or otherwise harmed, they develop as a natural part of the healing process. To close the wound and fill up any gaps left by the injury, the skin heals itself by generating new tissue. Collagen is a protein that is typically found in scar tissue.


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