Rhododendron Essential Oil for Healing your Body and Soul


The soothing scent of Rhododendron Essential Oil helps to provide emotional support and aids to bring mental clarity and grounding when anyone is dealing with grief or hard situations. This oil provides provision for a healthy respiratory system, making it a great oil to reach for when seasonal allergies come. The nutritious properties and beautiful scent make it a great addition to hair and skincare goods. Add it to your favorite shampoos to moisturize the scalp, endorse luscious locks, and give yourself the softest skin you deserve.

Rhododendron Essential Oil is known more commonly known as the rhododendron.  There are 850 different natural species in the Genus Rhododendron.  They are natural to the temperate regions of Asia, and Europe, as well as to the tropical areas of southeast Asia and north Australia. Only the R. anthopogon species is purified as it has fragrant leaves and is harmless.  This is the essential oil that is species-specific and the rest of the Rhododendron genus is extremely toxic and should not be purified.

 Why Rhododendron Essential Oil is the best

We have found that Rhododendron is a powerful essential oil when working with energetic issues related to the heart and lungs.  Rhododendron Essential Oilis purified from the leaves, and twigs of the plant. The leaf is somewhere a plant breathes and takes in its life. Oils that are purified from the leaf also protect us from all the negativity and support growth. Oils that are purified from the flower are heart-opening and bid self-confidence, good creativity, and energy.

This essential oil aids to call and allow all that you want to experience in life. It aids us to deal with and release mental pain as well as creating reconciliation. This is a boundless essential oil to assist one who is going through loss and bereavement. Rhododendron also contributes to re-connect us with our inner joy and it assists in the active opening and flowering of the heart.

It supports us in calling in our divine family and in the construction of community in our lives. This essential oil is an influential aid in consideration and past life reversion. This fabulous essential oil can be used in a diffuser to help to harmonize and balance the energy and make a sacred space. We have seen this essential oil to be a help for the circulatory, and respiratory systems and helpful for the blood and capillaries.

The Traditional Uses of Rhododendron

Traditionally the leaves and flowers of this shrub are made into tea by Himalayan therapists and drunk to help digestion, rouse the appetite, calm sore thoughts, and discharge liver disorders. Rhododendron essential oil is an actual decongestant for the respiratory system. This essential oil has been known to be a detoxifier.

 Healing Qualities of Rhododendron Essential Oils

Rhododendron essential oil is taken out from the leaves, and the flowers of the plant. The major components of Rhododendron anthopogon are the monoterpenes, d-limonene, and sesquiterpene delta cadinene, and are thought to be painkilling, anti-inflammatory, and a better liver supporter and protector too.

The antimicrobial properties of the Rhododendron Essential Oilcould be due to the abundant components like α-pinene, β-pinene, and slight limonene. Rhododendron is a great addition to any antibacterial blend and R. anthopogon established a significant killing effect in contradiction to some gram-positive reference strains like Staphylococcus aureus, and Enterococcus.

Rhododendron is an actual decongestant and antispasmodic agent for the respiratory structure. Rhododendron also hinders fungal, bacterial, and other viral issues. It is known to be a detoxifier and also a tonic for the adrenal glands and works as a kidney stimulator too. This is a stimulating indication of how all the chemical components work to provide a therapeutic property that can’t be credited to any major component.

A stimulating spiritual fact is that the dry leaves of Rhododendron are crushed by Buddhist monks, and they are mixed with ghee and made into holy incense for their monasteries and throughout Asia. This is a delightful calming oil for meditation to help make spiritual connections as it opens the mind to a free flow of positive energy through its grounding, and centring properties.

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