Pharmacy Services


We help patients, prescribers and manufacturers navigate complex pharmacy environments.

Whether helping patients overcome clinical or underwriting hurdles or providing high-touch, commercially viable professional services to our pharmaceutical partners, our team of experts can help with any problem, big or small. We are passionate about finding solutions.

Allied Pharmacy was first recognized for quality compounding, and today is widely recognized for its specialty pharmacy services and high-touch customer service.

Clinical complexity

Each patient’s story is unique and medications and treatment plans should be treated accordingly. Chronic diseases require much more complex treatments and clinical interventions. Because of this complexity, approximately 30-50% of USA adults are not adhering to long-term medications.

Rising costs

Prescription drug prices have risen steadily over the years. Additional costs will be incurred if more complex clinical procedures are required. Dealing with these rising costs and insurance requirements can be difficult and confusing.

We don’t just fill prescriptions.

We work with patients, physicians, insurance plans and pharmaceutical companies to help them access the medicines they need, while supporting them throughout their journey to achieve the best possible health outcomes. To do. We do the heavy lifting and support our customers throughout the process.

Our highly qualified staff provides the following exceptional services:

With best-in-class turnaround times, you can get medicines to patients as quickly as possible.

  • Coordinate care with prescribers and other members of the patient care team.
  • Patient counseling and extensive patient education programs.
  • Patient management programs, including follow-up calls to help patients understand how they are using their medications and interventions to improve their response to treatment.
  • Support the entire insurance approval process.
  •  Performance Testing, Pre-Approval Assistance
  • Financial Assistance, as Required. Pharmacists are available 24/7 for emergencies.