Oil Burner Pipe Bong – Common Bong Types For The Smoothest Hit


You can now get your THC or CBD fix from Thau sticks, blunts, joints, edibles, oil, wax, and a lot of other things. There are many ways to use cannabis now, but one thing hasn’t changed: the bong is still the most popular way to inhale. There are different oil burner pipe bong designs, just like there are different ways to smoke cannabis.

What is a Bong?

It’s cool to say “bong” when talking about a water pipe used to smoke plants. People don’t always understand what happens when they use a bong and why. When the smoke goes through the water-filled chamber, it makes a bubbling sound and tastes “cooler.” Because the water filters the smoke, smoking from a bong is better for your lungs than smoking from a blunt or pipe. Besides smoking, you can relax by listening to the sound of water moving.

A bong is a kind of water pipe, but not every water pipe is a bong.

Some Common Designs For Bongs Are:

  • Tube Straight
  • Beaker
  • Recycler

The shape of a new bong is one of the first things you’ll notice about it. The straight tube, the beaker, and the recycler are the three most common types of bongs.

Materials Used to Make a Bong:

  • Glass (Most Popular) 
  • Acrylic (Most likely to come from China)
  • Silicone (Most Bendable)
  • Stainless Steel/Metal (Most Durable)
  • Ceramic (Most Artsy)

The most common material for bongs is glass, but other materials are also used.

How do I Smoke From a Bong?

Make sure there is enough water in the bong so that the downstream is completely submerged. If there isn’t enough water, you might get splashed while smoking, but if there is too much water, the hit will be stronger. Next, get out a measuring cup and fill the bowl with how much weed you want.

Get the bowl ready for the downstream, light it up, and settle down for a relaxing smoke session. To light a bong, grab it with your non-dominant hand while holding the lighter in your dominant hand.

When you light the bong and put your lips in the mouthpiece, you’re not trying to drink from the bowl or eat it. Suck (don’t breathe in) to make the water bubble and fill the chamber. When you have enough smoke to meet your needs, pick up the bowl and take a deep drag whenever it’s needed.

What Type of Bong Hits The Smoothest?

A bong with more than one chamber gives a more even and comfortable hit.

In most cases, more percolators equal better.

Most of the time, we use honeycomb and matrix percolators. These are great for spreading out the smoke and making it easier to get high. You can easily get it from Smokeshop Apopka. Don’t forget the ice if you want a cool, refreshing end.

What Makes Glass Bongs Better Than Other Kinds?

The fact that Chameleon’s water bongs are made with borosilicate makes them last longer (Pyrex). This material is often used in kitchen and lab tools because it can stand up to heat and hard knocks. Even so, one big drop could still break it.

Also, because it doesn’t have many holes on its surface, a Pyrex pipe is the safest way to smoke.

Hand-blown glass bongs that are decorated with bright colors are works of art that also make smoking better. They don’t change the way your herb tastes or smells in any way, so you can enjoy it as it was meant to be.

How to Choose the Best Bong:

Now that you know about the various types of bongs, it’s time to pick the one that works best for you. When choosing a bong style, it’s important to go with your gut. If you want a simple bong that doesn’t need much maintenance, a straight-tube oil burner pipes bong is a good choice. If you want a less intense high, a beaker bong might be a good choice. And a recycling bong is the best way to smoke if you want the most fun possible.


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