Nick Lachey – Singer, Actor, Producer, and Reality TV Star


Nick Lachey first rose to fame as part of multi-platinum boy band 98 Degrees, where he achieved both musical success and television appearances. Now hosting numerous programs such as NBC’s The Sing-Off, VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live, Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family and Netflix’s Love is Blind;

But he also became notorious for his highly publicized split from Jessica Simpson, which provoked widespread outrage and criticism against him.

He is a singer

Nick Lachey Net Worth is an esteemed singer-songwriter and TV personality best known as the lead singer of boy band 98 Degrees. In addition, he has established an accomplished acting career by appearing in several television series and films as well as reality TV programs; additionally he sits on Feeding America’s Entertainment Council.

His singing career started at Kings Island along with brother Drew and high school friend Justin Jeffre, later joining them to form 98 degrees. Together they became extremely famous selling over fifteen million albums worldwide with R&B/pop influences seen in their music – such as What’s Left of Me and Where You Are among many more hit tracks.

Nick Lachey has become well-known through his musical career and host appearances on several tv shows such as NBC’s The Sing-Off, VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live and Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family. Married to actress Vanessa Minnillo with one son. Nick hails from Harlan Kentucky where he attended Clovernook Elementary School as well as Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts where his maternal grandfather had Dutch descent ancestry; additional ancestral lines include English Scottish German as well as distant Welsh and French lines.

He is a songwriter

Nick Lachey first rose to fame as part of boy band 98 Degrees during their eponymous debut album which generated a top 20 pop hit single, before marrying Jessica Simpson and staring in MTV reality show Newlyweds, for which they earned the People’s Choice Award as Favorite Reality Show.

After his marriage ended, he began work on his sole solo album. Additionally, he tried his luck as an actor appearing in episodes of Charmed as well as appearing as an extra in Nora Ephron’s film Bewitched.

In 2006, Lachey released his music video for his song What’s Left of Me which became both critically and commercially successful, winning him both a VMA for Best Editing and Grammy Award for Song of the Year. As well as music videos, Lachey has hosted both NBC’s The Sing-Off and co-hosted VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live from 2014-15 before moving on to host Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family as well as Netflix’s Love Is Blind with his wife Vanessa Minnillo.

He is a producer

Nick Lachey has not only become known for his singing career but is also an accomplished producer, having produced shows for NBC, VH1 and Nickelodeon as well as hosting various music competitions and reality TV shows. His sexy persona and sense of humor have earned him many fans across all three platforms.

He first gained notoriety as the lead singer of multiplatinum boy band 98 Degrees during the late ’90s. To form this band with brother Drew and friend Justin Jeffre, they signed an exclusive recording contract with Motown Records in 1996.

In 2006, Nick released his second solo album What’s Left of Me with Vanessa Minnillo featured as its title track video star. This came shortly after his marriage with Jessica Simpson was terminated; items around a house such as laptop computers, stereo systems and pictures began disappearing before later splitting up themselves. Additionally, he produced 2009 MTV musical reality show Taking the Stage that focused on students at School for Creative and Performing Arts in Los Angeles.

He is a TV personality

Nick Lachey is a popular television personality known for hosting numerous music competitions and other shows, such as co-hosting NBC’s The Sing Off and Big Morning Buzz Live from 2014 to 2015 (he also appeared in One Tree Hill and Charmed), Love is Blind on Netflix with Vanessa Lachey co-hosting, as well as co-hosting Love is Blind and The Ultimatum with Vanessa.

Lachey first gained notoriety as part of boy band 98 Degrees before embarking on his solo music career as a solo artist in 2003 with his debut album SoulO. This project received positive reviews and modest commercial success.

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