MiM Colleges in New Zealand without GMAT


What is the Masters in Management (MIM) Program?

The Masters in Management (MIM) program is a master’s degree that lets you study business from a tutorial perspective. This course is taught by Masters of Business Administration (MBA) graduates and is supplied in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. The Master in Management (MIM) program is a full-time, 16-month distance education software for working professionals, designed to introduce and provide advanced education in business management and leadership.

This degree is better than getting Cheapest MBA in Europe. The MIM application provides students with the skills, resources, and expertise needed to succeed in today’s aggressive world. Students are given a 200+ pages book of study materials that includes videos and worksheets to put together for their coursework.

Cost of study

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The MIM programme caters for

• IT industry authorities who aim to move into senior business-orientated roles

• Managers taking on higher-level obligations in information systems

• CIOs wishing to broaden their administration perspective

• Other mid-career professionals wishing to move into facts management roles

The ability to manipulate information systems is a international need in businesses and governments, and the demand for records professionals will continue in the forseeable future. Know how to write SOP for Visa and then move to the country.

Master’s in Management Programs in New Zealand

New Zealand usually does not now have a large number of Master’s in Management Programs. This is one of the motives why many people from other nations come to New Zealand and study.

There are currently only three universities in New Zealand that provide Masters programs in Management, with two of them being at the University of Auckland and one at Victoria University of Wellington. The MIM program in New Zealand usually takes two semesters, and includes a rigorous, structured curriculum that ensures your graduate will be ready for an administration position. You can also get scholarship for MBA or MiM.

University Ranking for Masters in Management

The University of Auckland is ranked first for its Masters in Management. This ranking is based on the high-quality universities throughout the world with respect to their graduate training for management degrees. The ranking is posted annually by Times Higher Education. The New Zealand University Ranking for Masters in Management is a rating of the top universities or colleges that provide a Masters in Management.

The list was first posted in 2013 and annually updated when you consider that then. It aims to give managers an goal ranking of their available alternatives around the world based on standards such as quality of teaching, industry reputation, and popularity outside of the region.

Masters in management is a very sought after diploma in New Zealand. MIM is a non-profit organization that has been established in New Zealand to assist reduce the harmful results of alcohol. MIM works with schools and workplaces, providing critical information on alcohol, its effects, and how to avoid it. They additionally work with government agencies and fitness providers in New Zealand to promote MIM’s mission. MIM in New Zealand is a company that affords innovative and high-quality scientific advancements to consumers. This includes VR systems, headphones, devices and more.


Not solely will they enjoy lucrative salaries at pinnacle MNCs, but they can also select from the diverse careers available. In addition, a graduate can choose both management, engineering, or combined employment in the New Zealand, meaning they will have plenty more free choice than different management or engineering professionals.


The MIM is New Zealand’s premier masters qualification designed for IT professionals who are transferring to senior business-oriented roles. It combines leading-edge research with rigorous case evaluation and peer-based learning in a flexible, modular structure applicable to fulltime workers in Auckland and Wellington.


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