Making Your Home More Secure with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Annually, almost 2.5 million housebreaking incidents happen in the United States. While the statistics are terrifying, it doesn’t mean that we can’t do things to keep our property protected. 

There are several ways to keep the property safe, including security alarms, guard dogs, and security and landscape lighting. The right kind of outdoor lighting can help a homeowner keep his home safe from any unwanted intrusions. This is because intruders would be discouraged from entering a house that might draw attention to their presence. Most intruders would choose to break into a house that is abandoned, empty, and doesn’t have too much traffic around.

Similarly, many homeowners use security lighting and motion sensors to trigger lights as soon as someone steps on the property. This keeps intruders from entering and breaking into the property. 

Keep reading if you want to learn the different ways that outdoor lighting can prevent intrusions. 

Light Up Your Entryways 

People will spend hundreds of dollars lighting up their front and back yards or adding lights to their driveways but will overlook the importance of good lighting at their entrances. Whether you have one or more entrances to the house, it’s important that you properly light it up. 

Adding a few lights to your entrance will remove any kind of blind spots on the security cameras placed on the doors. When intruders see lights and cameras in a visible spot at the entrance, they will either walk away or completely refrain from trying to break in. 

Don’t Leave Your Driveway Dark 

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 When you’re thinking about adding commercial exterior lighting to your house, make sure you spend some money and time on installing pathway lighting in your driveway. Not only is this a great way to secure your house with exterior lighting, but it would also enhance the overall appearance of your home. 

A well-lit driveway will mean that anybody who crosses the threshold will immediately be seen and noticed. This keeps ill-intentioned people from breaking into a property. 

More Than Just Landscape Lighting 

Many people use landscape lighting and completely overlook the importance of proper security and scanner lights. Landscaping lights are a great way to add some personality to your house, but they may leave several shadow spaces, which can create great hiding spots. 

Instead of relying completely on landscape lighting, you can use exterior spotlights and set them on rotation. The rotation will keep the entire place equally lit, ensuring no spaces are left uncovered. 

Choose the Right Colors for Security Lights 

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There are several types of security lights that you can find in the market, but when you want to make sure your living space is secured, you need to find the right type of security light. Using red, green, or blue lights might not be a great way to keep your property secure. 

Similarly, warm yellow lights don’t do a great job of keeping people off your property either. Instead, you need blinding white lights that may seem alarming to anybody who doesn’t know what to expect. 

Improve Your Visual Lengths 

Before you start randomly adding custom exterior lighting to your front and back yard, make sure you take a look at your security cameras and their coverage first. It’s important that your cameras don’t have any blind spots that can cause problems for you during surveillance. Adding lights around the camera is important so that you can improve your visibility. 

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About the Author 

Helen Goffer is a home décor specialist who works with different clients to create the perfect interior and exterior looks. She also works with indoor and outdoor lighting to help people keep their homes secure, stylish, and festive all year round. 

She’s keen on hunting, reading books, and taking out time from her private life to blog about tips, guides, and other helpful information regarding property lighting and how effective it can be in the long run. 

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