It is one of the best treks to do in the summer. situated in the Chikmagalur district Karnatakataka. Chikmagalur is 243 km from Bangalore. The Kudremukh peak is located in the best of western ghats, in the national reserve forest. It is standing tall at a height of 6207 ft. Kudremukh peak is the third highest peak in the state of Karnataka You will find deers and peacocks and many reptiles during the trek. trekking in kudremukh is so pleasant and satisfying. through the trail you will be seeing the dense shola forest and the small streams in between. The water is so pure that trekkers fill the bottles from these small water streams. 

Then after escaping from forests the green grasslands make their way to the peak which is too steep to climb. and from the top, as they say, the best view comes from the hardest climb, the meadows rolling down to the valley on one another and the clouds forming in the valley, and the forest in the valley is mesmerizing.

The trek is almost 22 km and it takes 9 hours to complete. you will be driven to Chikmagalur from Bangalore overnight. Then in the morning eat healthy and energetic and start the trek. you will be heading back by 6 p.m then you will be staying in camps or guest houses whatever you prefer. and driven back to Bangalore, while visiting some tourist attractions in between.  

There are many other offbeat destinations near the Kudremukh trek. which should be on your list if you are planning for the kudremukh trek. 


We have made a top 10 list for you starting from the top. 

  • Kudremukh trek- 

It is one the best treks to perform in Karnataka, elevating you to 6207 feet in western ghats. The forests in the valley and the meadows on top look breathtaking at the peak. It is the best weekend destination in Bangalore. 

  • Kudremukh National Park- 

It is located in mountains. It is located at 600 sq km. The densely wet tropical evergreen forest with rich wildlife is the best of western ghats. The national park is well preserved. Kudremukh peak is in the same park. You can witness many species of flora and fauna. There are tigers, leopards, and many wild animals. It is a paradise for wildlife lovers. 

  • Hanuman gundi falls- 

Is situated in the reserve forest. The waterfall is almost 90 m tall, and falling on the big rocks is so serene and magnificent. You can visit Hanuman Gundi falls in summer as it is a seasonal waterfall that can be visited throughout the summer season.  The waterfall is exactly 79 km from Mangalore. It will take 3 hours to explore. 

  • Kalasa- 

Is located 8 km from the city center. It is a temple town located on the bank of river Bhadra. People in kalasa depend on agriculture and the water source is the kalasa river. The pleasant climate of this place attracts tourists. It will take 3 to 4 hours to explore the place. 

  • Gangamoola- 

Is situated at the height of 1458 m and is declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. The lush green grassland will make your soul fulfilled with peace. 

  • Janta market- 

it is a small town market where you can buy necessary things from here. The narrow lane and picturesque is a good location for photoholics. 

  • Lakya dam- 

Over 100 m tall, built on river Bhadra. It was made to collect waste from the river. The place is 9 km from the city center. 

  • Horanadu- 

Is 17 km from the city center. adi-shaktayakama Sri Annapoorneshwari temple is situated at this place. It is a holy site for Hindu pilgrims. There is a pure gold statue in the temple. The location is so perfect amidst the hills. The temple is at an altitude of 2726 ft. The weather is pleasant throughout the year. There is a wholesale market for dry fruits, coffee, tea, and spices that can be bought at a cheap rate. 

  • Kadambi falls- 

9 km from the city center. picturesquely located in kudremukh national park is a 30 ft tall waterfall. A lot of tourists are attracted to this place because of its stunning vistas. The waterfall is hidden in greenery which is delightful. It is close to the road and can be easily witnessed. You can dive into the water body and it is so adventurous. It is an excellent picnic spot. 


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