7 Style to Make Your Jewelry Photographs Look Professional


Lighting, focus and exposure are the three important aspects to consider when shooting jewelry. They are the most important aspects to be aware. Knowing and understanding these factors in all situations will help photographers in taking the most stunning photos from their models’ objects of jewelry in camera.

Learning to understand it isn’t so difficult as it seems to be at first. If you’ve accumulated enough knowledge of your digital camera use it with Manual Mode, you should be able to capture stunning jewelry photos by following the guidelines below.

The market for jewelry photography is expanding at an alarming rate, and that’s positive. Photography of jewelry can be an enjoyable, satisfying and financially lucrative occupation.

You’re likely looking for ways to capture photos that will help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing and also make them more attractive and appealing to the general public.

Maintain a Simple Configuration

It isn’t essential to have a complicated setup or equipment to take jewelry photography. You can take pictures of your jewelry if you’re at home. How? For this task all you require is a solid surface, a camera white paper as a background, a lens as well as lighting tools. You can make use of a clamp made of metal to keep the backdrop as you work on it.

You Should think about Purchasing a Tripod

A tripod is recommended when taking still-life images of objects like jewelry and other similar objects. If your camera is not moving mounted on a tripod, you can more easily alter focal points as well as the the depth of field. This is a benefit of using an tripod.

Additionally, you can also make use of using a lower shutter speed and ISO to reduce or eliminate noise if you want to.

The tripod can be left at home when taking photos for a lifestyle catalogue or an editorial journal, for instance. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines of business photography and make sure to present your work with the highest professional appearance you can at all times!

Choose the Appropriate lens

It’s possible to be that your camera’s frame may not be as important as we thought it was. The lens you pick however can determine how good your jewellery image.

Editorial photography offers the opportunity for more experimentation than other forms of photography. However, you must make sure that the jewelry you purchase is created with the highest degree of precision.

In general, you should stick with an ordinary lens for your camera. If you use standard lenses, that are commonly called “normal lenses,” you will see a photograph which is very similar to what your eye perceives. For an untrained eyes the image appears as if it is entirely natural.

Standard lenses have a diagonal angle between 50 and 55 degrees, depending on the specific model that is that is used. Because there’s no need to worry about any kind of distortion when using these lenses, they are one of the easiest lenses to maintain and use.

In the case of capturing the details of jewelry macro lenses are a popular choice. A macro lens permits you to take pictures of small things at very close distances.

Do not Forget to think about Lighting

Similar to how the lens can have an effect on the jewelry photos the lighting setting can also influence the jewelry photos you take.

Ring lights are an excellent option for lighting jewelry as it reflects light onto the edges of the object being photographed which is perfect for photography of jewelry. If used correctly softboxes offer a lovely even, uniform spread of light.

In order to get a good photograph of your product, it’s essential to use the correct lighting. Although photography for editorial purposes does not provide the complete freedom of artistic expression but it does permit an aesthetic freedom. It is permitted to take photos in direct sunlight and it is acceptable if the colors don’t appear exactly like the ones you see in real life.

Reflections From the Monitor

Since metals and gemstones are extremely reflective You’re likely to see yourself reflecting in your jewelry, something you must try to avoid.

It is a lengthy and laborious process to eliminate reflections off jewellery, and that’s why it’s an experimentation process.

Like we said before that placing a piece paper on top and near the top of your camera lens could aid in reducing reflections and reflect more light back to you subject, by reflecting light back to the subject. If you’re not ready to tackling a DIY project then you could take a look at an engraver and photography studio. You can also work with professionals!

Do not Complicate the Style for your Frame

When we are working on our art it can seem tempting to make images that seem slightly more complicated to create than they actually have to be. The challenge is knowing how to cut down on the intensity of an image and avoid creating an appearance of too much when creating it.

Avoid enticing viewers with story telling aspects of your photo Instead, keep the frame clean and clear. Remember that you’re working in the jewelry business!

Do not Forget to Mention the Particulars

We can get so caught up in the grand picture that we forget of the fact that small details are essential to the larger picture. Make sure to take closer-up photos of the finest elements too. The gorgeous designs of jewelry catch the attention of people who are able to see them.