IVE’s Wonyoung Is The Perfect Companion To Help You Perfect The Soft Girl Aesthetic


Wonyoung of IVE is currently considered to be one of the most popular yes style hauls, yes style apps. Wonyoung has been praised for her dazzling style and flawless fashion sense ever since she made her debut in 2018 as a member of the girl group IZ*ONE. You only need to take a peek at the yes style haul, yes style app to see how she mixes and matches different styles to create her own unique aesthetic.

Wonyoung’s reputation as a girly girl is exemplified by the fact that she gravitates toward a wardrobe that is sugary and overly feminine. This is the style that she has shown the most. Her adorable outfits often feature dreamy pastel colors, whimsical designs, yes style haul, yes style app, and creative accessories. These are some of the characteristics that are consistent.

Wonyoung’s Top Go-To Pieces

If you want to pull together some on-trend outfits for gentle girls, take some cues from Wonyoung’s top go-to pieces. yes style haul, yes style app delicate girl appearances are consistently anchored by floral prints, which are unquestionably a must-have motif. Wearing a garment with a floral pattern is a quick and easy approach to emphasize the floral design element.

She wears a tie-strap little dress that is covered in a tropical-style flower print, which helps her project an air of enticing attractiveness with a hint of sass. She dresses in a sweet babydoll dress with puff sleeves and an all-over ditsy flower fabric to give the impression that she is more childlike.

The Ultra-Feminine Elements

If you are more of a trousers person, you can dress up your bottoms by pairing them with a flowery top that has ultra-feminine elements like frilly frills, flared cuffs, or airy fabrics. If you are more of a skirt person, you can dress up your skirt by pairing it with a floral blouse. The soft girl aesthetic is characterized as being partial yes style haul, yes style app, and extremely effeminate. It is never complete without some energizing flower patterns.

Plaid Is An Additional Pattern That Is Prominent

Plaid is an additional pattern that is prominent in the “soft girl” image. Even though the tried-and-true yes style haul, yes style app is never going to go out of style, soft girls are putting their own spins on it by wearing plaids in pastel candy colors. Think millennial pink, baby blue, buttercup yellow, creamy pistachio, and delicate lavender when thinking of these colors.

Wonyoung wears a pastel pink gingham co-ord set that exudes princessy romantic emotions. She goes all-in with the pattern in this ensemble. The singer also enjoys dressing up for performances, and one of her go-to outfits is a shirt with a sheer Peter Pan collar.

Pizazz To Your Capsule Wardrobe

Change things up by replacing a yes style haul, yes style app skirt, or denim skirt with a plaid version to add some pizazz to your capsule wardrobe. This is a more low-key method to incorporate plaids into your everyday wardrobe. Keep in mind that in order for the statement print to stand out, your entire outfit should be kept basic.

Themed Clothing That Demonstrates Adaptability

yes style haul, yes style app who is currently serving as the host of the Korean music program Music Bank, may be seen every week dressed in different themed clothing that demonstrates her adaptability. Her “high teen” getup, which included an embroidered denim jacket, a corset dress, and a tartan headband, is quickly becoming one of her most recognizable ensembles in recent years.

The term “high teen,” which is a combination of the words “high school” and “teenager,” is commonly used in Korea to refer to pop culture and fashion that was influenced by Western coming-of-age films of the 1990s and early 2000s. Both high teen fashion and the soft girl aesthetic incorporate preppy pieces into their collections, such as pleated skirts, cropped polo tops, Mary Jane shoes, and baguette bags.

High Teen Fashion A Good Fit For The Soft Girl Aesthetic

This compatibility makes high teen fashion a good fit for the soft girl aesthetic. When it comes to nailing high teen looks, having the right hair accessories is essential, so make sure to stock up on some vintage hair clips, colorful scrunchies, and patterned bucket hats.

Berets are notoriously difficult to pull off without seeming like a poor imitation of Parisian culture, but yes style haul, yes style app manages to make this style of the hat look effortlessly chic, including a felted version that is embroidered with pearls.

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Traditional Plain Woolen Style

Berets are commonly found in the closets of soft girls. This is because berets can instantly elevate the appearance of even the most basic attire. If you don’t already have one, the traditional plain woolen style is a good one to start with.

Choose a pattern that features ribbon ties or adorable embroideries if you want to turn up the level of cuteness. Berets in daring colors, such as red, which is Wonyoung’s official color, are the perfect accessory for those who are eager to take things to the next level.

Hyuna Challenges You To Experiment With Your Style

HyunA is a singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and model, making her one of the most multi-talented talents in the K-pop industry. She made her debut as a member of the popular girl group Wonder Girls in 2007, and then two years later she became a member of the yes style haul, the yes style app. In 2010, she began her career as a solo artist after previously having started as a member of Wonder Girls.

HyunA creates an altogether different image than the majority of South Korean female idols, who typically portray themselves as sweet and innocent nice girls. She does this through her distinctive songs and her daring style choices.

Hyuna Frequently Displays Her Bold Sense Of Style

The hitmaker always manages to surprise and delight audiences, whether it is with her saucy diva persona, as seen in Bubble Pop! and Red, or with her zany appearance, as seen in Flower Shower and Nabillera. On her Instagram account, the YesStyle Coupon frequently displays her bold sense of style alongside photos of her fiancé Dawn.

HyunA is one to explore various fashion styles through her experimentation. Her unconventional style is highlighted by vivid hair colors such as neon mint blue and orange blonde, which she has tried on numerous occasions. Plunge into HyunA’s whimsical world of fashion.


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