Introduction to Easy Deck Scaffolding

Introduction to Easy Deck Scaffolding

Easy Deck scaffolding is the latest innovation in scaffolding technology that makes working at height safe, and simple. It has been designed to simplify the installation of scaffolding and make it easier than ever to get the job done right and efficiently. Easy Deck provides a modular scaffolding solution that makes it easy to fit around any building or structure, with no need to adjust the size of the components. This allows you to build custom-sized scaffolding quickly and safely, without the need to spend hours adjusting the sizes of individual pieces.

The Benefits of Easy Deck Scaffolding

Easy Deck scaffolding provides an easy, safe and reliable method for working at height. It is built from strong, lightweight materials to ensure easy installation and dismantle and is easy for a single person to assemble. Easy Deck’s innovative design makes it easy to stack the components and fit them into even the tightest of spaces. The modular design of the system also allows for system modifications where a standard scaffold won’t fit.

In addition, Easy Deck scaffolding is perfect for building custom scaffolding for any size or shape, and is suitable for a variety of applications, including roof work, decorative work, and any other form of work at height. It also allows maximum capacity during any work at height, with no need to adjust components or worry about balancing the system.

Safety Features of Easy Deck Scaffolding

Easy Deck scaffolding is designed with safety as the number one priority. Its modular system and lightweight components mean that components cannot be overloaded, and its one-piece design provides the perfect platform for safe working at height. Easy Deck features heavy duty safety features such as free standing guard rails and anti-slip steps, as well as a wide base for improved stability.

The system also meets all relevant safety regulations, and the components are certified for the purpose of work at height. In addition, Easy Deck is designed with caps that fit securely into the corners of the components to reduce the risk of tripping. The system is also designed with safety in mind, with a colour-coded fastening system that ensures components are connected at the correct points.

Easy Deck’s Durability and Quality

Easy Deck scaffolding is manufactured using high-quality materials that are designed to last. All components are galvanized and powder coated to ensure maximum protection and the highest levels of corrosion resistance. The modular design also ensures that the system can be easily reassembled if necessary.

The system’s lightweight components make storage and transportation easy, meaning you can move the system quickly and safely to the next job. It can be stored for up to five years, making it perfect for long term use. The flexibility of the system also means that it can be easily modified to fit the shape and size of the building or structure where it is being used.

Cost and Time Efficiency of Easy Deck

Easy Deck scaffolding can be installed quickly and easily, saving both time and money. The modular design allows for incredibly fast assembly, meaning projects can be completed faster and with fewer people. Smoother installation times also mean projects can be completed more efficiently and with less risk, resulting in improved safety and cost savings.


Easy Deck scaffolding is the ideal solution for work at height, providing unparalleled safety and efficiency. Its modular design makes it simpler than ever to build custom-sized scaffolding quickly and safely, without the need to spend hours adjusting the size of individual pieces. In addition, its lightweight construction and easy assembly make it the perfect solution for any job. With Easy Deck scaffold, you can get the job done right and efficiently, while making sure everyone on the job is safe.