How to Draw A Sunrise


How to Draw A Sunrise. There are many majestic and incredible places to see in nature. Sometimes a view can change depending on the time of day. Two of the best times of day for this transformation would be sunset and sunrise.

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We’ll focus on the second in this guide to drawing a sunrise. This familiar sight needs to be immortalized in artwork and pictures.

How to Draw A Sunrise

Step 1

The image we will create in this how to draw a sunrise tutorial represents a clear and beautiful view of an ocean.

There will be some details and other elements that we will draw throughout the guide, but for now, we will focus on the sea itself.

This is a relatively easy element to draw as we remove some curved and wavy lines horizontally across the page to Draw A Sunrise.

Step 2

Continuing with this sunrise drawing, we will draw a small sailboat into the scene. For now, we’ll focus on the bottom of this boat, and you can remove it with curved lines that connect.

These lines create three subtle shapes to make it look like this part of the boat is made of wood. This takes care of the base of the ship, and we will be sure to add a sail in the next part of the guide to finish it off to Draw A Sunrise.

Step 3

As mentioned in the previous step of drawing a sunrise guide, we will finish the sail for the boat you started in the last part. You can begin by drawing a straight line at a slight diagonal angle and tick off near the boat’s center.

This forms the central mast of the boat, and you can also drag a flag onto the top. When this mast is pulled, you can remove the sail sheets. Using curved lines, you can draw two somewhat triangular sails at the front of the boat.

It is also possible to draw a straight line from the top of the center slot to the top of one of these panels. Finally, using more curved lines, you can remove two more sails on the back of the boat. The top will be slightly smaller, while the bottom will be significant and somewhat angular to Draw A Sunrise.

Step 4

In this next step, we will add a lot to your sunrise design. First, let’s draw a small island in the sea using more curved lines. Next, we will remove some palm trees sprouting from the island. We will also add some detail on the grass and some wavy lines to show some points on the sand to Draw A Sunrise.

Finally, we draw the horizon. You can draw a straight line across the image’s width. This line will pass behind the nave and the trunks of the palm trees.

So you can draw a circular shape on that horizon and be partially obscured by the trees for the sun. Finally, draw some line details on the water under this sun.

Step 5

Images like this are made up of details, so in this step of our how-to-draw a sunrise guide, we’ll add some final touches to complement this image.

Draw A Sunrise

We’re going to add some bright sun rays coming from the sun, and you can do this by drawing some straight lines from the round sun. Finally, you can draw two puffy clouds in the sky to complete this idyllic picture to Draw A Sunrise.

This will meet all our details, but feel free to add some of your own that you might like. What else would you add to this gorgeous scene to make it a sunrise paradise?

Step 6

We have come to the last phase of your sunrise drawing and will colorize your beautiful picture. Dawn is usually a bright and cheerful day; in our reference image, we tried to recreate that feeling.

Sunrise Drawing

We used vibrant blues and yellows for the water, sun, and sky. We also incorporated yellow into the water under the sun to show its reflection. Some of the island’s greens and browns helped finish off this painting in style.

You could use similar colors to the ones we use, but feel free to use any other color options you like!

Your Sunrise Drawing is Finished!


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