How to Select the Perfect Bed


How to Select the Perfect Bed

Sleep is among the most Furniture Lounge Sunderland critical aspects of any day. Just talk to whether you’re the Dalai Lama, who would be a lyricist about the importance of sleep whenever possible. However, getting the perfect night’s rest is challenging if you’re not making the best use of the bed.

From the size of your mattress to your bed’s base to comfort and the appearance during the complete process, there are some moving parts that you’ll want to consider when selecting a bed.

Bed Size Guide

To keep from the chaos that comes with research and deciding on a purchase that can be as significant as a mattress (inquire with anyone that’s had a bad experience with a mattress! ).

We’ve put together the most commonly asked queries and concerns. This guide will help you get up-to-date on the different UK-size beds and their dimensions.

Which mattress is suitable for you, the best way to select an appropriate mattress and many more.

Additionally, it’ll get deep into the details of bed frames and bed bases and guide you on picking the proper bed design that will complement your home.

Dimensions of Bed Size

Knowing the different sizes of available beds is essential when buying a bed frame as well as a mattress, bed head or. Although it might not appear at first, there is an enormous difference in size.

For example, it is possible to fit the queen size bed into your room comfortably. However, climbing a king-sized bed could give you only a little flexibility.

Bed Frames vs Bed Bases

You’ve already got Furniture Warehouse Sunderland an idea of the size of bed that’s best for your home and you. What about the design you’re going to use for your mattress?

It’s not just important to select a bed with the appropriate appearance and feel (more about aesthetics later). However, you’ll need to know the layout most suits your needs.

There are several methods to build your bed. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The best option is to go all-in-one by using a bed frame that encases the base and the headboard.

Just put your mattress in and onto the track! The bed frame is a must for people who prefer the ease and simple appearance of a piece of furniture designed and curated to the highest standards.

There are many bed frame styles available that you’re sure to please, no matter what your preferences.

Another more versatile option is to have the bed base, which is usually combined with an adjustable headboard. A bed base is the lower portion of the bed that holds the mattress.

It is available by itself without the headboard. Then, you can purchase a headboard, that part of the bed which is close to the wall and is placed behind the bed, which is where your head rests when sleeping – thus the name.

The bed frame and base combination are perfect for those who want to personalize your bed.

For example, you can combine an electric lift bed – equipped with ample storage space beneath the mattress and an easy move-up and the down mechanism that allows you to store it whenever needed – with the headboard of your choice. It’s simple and upholstered, a luxurious velvet or a rattan accent piece.

Bed Frames: Types of Frames

If you’ve decided to buy an appropriate bed frame, you have various choices available. Here are some of the most popular types of bed frames.

The standard bed frame Ol”the faithful” here is as essential as it gets, yet, it doesn’t compromise the quality or aesthetics! Furniture stores Sunderland

A regular bed frame is a reliable frame and headboard combination without extra features or decorative add-ons. Simple yet effective!

Frames for beds are made from metal. Go for a more industrial style by choosing a sturdy silver, black, or gold structure. Ideal for lofts!

Bed frames made of wood: Bed frames made of wood are among the most popular alternatives.

Fortunately, they’re also among the most gorgeous. With an array of wood colours, styles and finishes, you can effortlessly find the ideal bed frame with these choices.

Upholstered bed frame

If you’re looking for an option that is fashionable and incredibly comfy, it’s impossible to go over upholstered beds. Sunderland Furniture Centre

Upholstered frames come with a wide range of stunning colours and designs with additional padding on edge, which is covered with a gorgeous fabric like suede, linen or velvet frames.

Bed frame with a wingback Bed frames with wingbacks are an excellent choice for those who want to relax in luxurious surroundings as they sleep!

Its edges on the headboards on a wingback mattress are curved towards the back, adding an extra dimension to the bed and creating a fresh look. This design looks stunning, particularly with headboards that are tufted or panelled.

Selecting the aesthetics of Your Bedroom

The fun part is now, and that is the design! Infuse some zing to your home by finding an exquisite bed that matches your style and décor.

If you’re a fan of dreamy Hamptons-inspired luxury or the always trendy mid-century modern, There’s bound that there’s a mattress that seamlessly blends with your style.

Here are some of our top bed styles:

Classic Tradition: Comfortable, welcoming and timeless classical beds may be decorated to match any home style. Our choice would be the Stella Gas Lift Queen Size Bed Frame. Living room storage furniture UK

It comes with a fashionable button-tufted headboard and convenient storage thanks to a gas lift system.

Mid-century Modern Interiors that are mid-century modern are hugely popular due to the stunning mix of woods that are dark, Bauhaus design and lush textiles.

Incorporate a touch of the 50s and 60s America into your home by incorporating an inspired mid-century bed like the Frank slim queen-size bed frame.

Scandinavian style: Who doesn’t like the beauty and simplicity of Scandi interiors? There’s a reason why this is the most popular home design style!

Simple lines, light wood and neutral colours make up this look. We love this Cleo queen-size Bed Frame to complement a Scandi home.

Modern Contemporary: Keep things simple and chic by incorporating a modern, contemporary style.

Imagine luxuriously squishy sofas, wood furniture, as well as mixed materials. Our favourite for this look can be the Sara King Gaslift Bed Frame.

New Art Deco If you think of “art deco,” you may think of bold geometric designs, smooth lines, metals and bold pops of colour.

You’d be right! This style looks stunning when done right. You can try using the Arch Queen Gas Lift Bed Frame to inject an art deco feel into your home.

This gorgeous design is a blend of stylish and beachy and is inspired by the beautiful houses of this famous vacation spot—Channel Hamptons home with the Monterey Hamptons Style King Size Bed Frame.

Our Tips to Choose the right mattress

We could not finish the bed’s size or design guide without talking about a highly crucial aspect of your sleep: the mattress!

Mattresses can affect your sleeping experience, so it’s essential to make them perfect and ensure that you don’t have to worry about snoring or achy nights.

The most important things to remember while choosing your mattress include its quality, height, and firmness. Stomach and back sleepers favour beds with a high degree of firmness, like our Firm Favourite.

In contrast, those who sleep on their sides (or the ones who toss and turn we’ve seen you!) might prefer a soft mattress (the Perfect Plush) or something that is in between (the Super Comfortable).

Bed’s height and the mattress

It is also essential to be aware of the bed’s height and the mattress that follows when buying a mattress. It’s vital to focus on the measurements your mattress will be placed on. Bedroom furniture UK

It would help if you chose a bed that is not only a good fit for the frame’s dimensions and depth but also is within the weight limit recommended by the frame.

The last point to be aware of is the material you choose for your mattress. The three most popular options are latex, foam, and spring, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

The spring mattresses are typically inexpensive; however, because of the wear and tear on the springs, they may be more prone to wear and tear.

Foam mattresses – specifically memory foam, are made to conform to the contours of your body. They create the illusion of a “sinking” ideal for people struggling to rest comfortably.

But they’re priced higher. In the end, they function as a middle place between foam and spring as they conform slightly to the body while providing the perfect bounce.



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