How to Remove Glue from Lace Wig


After having their lace frontals glued in place, many women are concerned about how easy it will be to remove the glue from their hair and lace front wigs. You don’t know if the approach you’re about to apply will be the end of your edges or your pricey hair extension. Because of this, it is extremely important that you exercise extreme caution whenever you are removing adhesive from your frontal.

Taking out your glued-in hair extensions might not be too difficult, but cleaning up the sticky mess that’s been left behind on the wig might prove to be very difficult! Unfortunately, if there is any leftover glue on the wefts, you will not be able to reuse the extensions. At LordHair, your hair is our business, and because we are concerned about its health and appearance, we will share helpful advice with you.

Use Alcohol Solution on the Glue

When you are removing your glued wig, one of the things that you need to get perfect is the solution that you will use to separate the adhesive from your hair. Since your frontal is attached to your wig cap, the only thing that can melt the glue and allow you to remove your frontal is a good solution that contains alcohol.

1. Use a Towel

The first thing you will need to do is dampen a towel with alcohol and then gently wipe it into your hair. This will dissolve the adhesive that is on your frontal, allowing you to remove the lace frontal from your hair. On the other hand, it is important to refrain from pulling your hair with your wig cap

2. Remove the Frontal

This is the second step, after you have massaged the alcohol solution with your hand towel all along the borders of your frontal, you will need to remove the frontal. To remove the lace frontal from the wig cap, carefully peel it off. The next step is to remove the glue off the top of your forehead, continue to wipe the adhesive from your forehead using the alcohol solution and the cloth until there is no sign of the glue left.

3.  Condition Your Hair

After all of the glue is gone. It’s time to apply conditioner to your hair so that it can absorb some moisture. Because you have already applied alcohol to your hair, take into consideration that alcohol is a very drying substance, and using it on your hair will cause your hair to become dry. It is important to restore the moisture to your hair by rubbing conditioner into it, particularly on the borders where you had the lace front wig 

Use Vaseline on the Glue

This method for removing lace front adhesive without the use of alcohol is the simplest and safest of all the hacks. Simply apply a generous amount of Vaseline along your entire hairline, which is where the front lace will be placed, and let it sit for a few minutes. After waiting a minute or two, check to see whether it has become pliable enough to be removed without using an excessive amount of power. To remove the residue of the Vaseline, use a warm and moist towel. In this way, you won’t have to worry about making a mess in either your hair system or your hairline. You should apply more Vaseline if the glue requires you to do so

Use Cream and Oil

Both cream and oil are excellent solutions for permanently removing markings that have been present in the hairline and scalp for a considerable amount of time. You are free to apply lotion or any other type of cream you choose. You could boost its efficacy by including some oil with emollient properties.

You should give it five to ten minutes to sit in the lace front, or longer if necessary. If the waiting time is taking significantly longer than anticipated, you might massage your scalp to make the wig more manageable to remove. Repeat this process until you can remove it conveniently 

Wash Your Wig Properly After Removal

You need to make sure that your wigs are cleansed completely so that there is no trace of glue left behind. If you do not remove all of the glue off the wigs, it will be very difficult for you to put them back on again. Additionally, it will decrease the amount of time your wig will remain in good condition. You will not want to ruin a nice wig!

  • Use a warm, wet cloth to remove any remaining glue residue from the wig.
  • Soak the sponge in alcohol that is 75-80% strength. Rub the sponge all over the adhesive tape or glue bonds that are on the wig, be careful not to submerge your wig in the alcohol, since doing so may cause irreparable damage to the hair.
  • Use the wig shampoo of your preference to clean the entire wig from root to tip. Because of this, everything that may have been left behind on the wig will be removed. To keep the strands of your wig from becoming tangled while you are cleaning it, resist the urge to rub the strands together.
  • If you want your wig to be in good shape for the next time you wish to wear it, it is in your best interest to apply conditioner after you have cleaned it properly. Because washing robs the hair of moisture, include conditioner that will

restore moisture to your wig


It is essential to remove the glue from your lace wig regularly to maintain your edges and your wig. The most essential piece of information to keep in mind is to go about the removal process with patience and care. You can use any of the strategies above and over time you can stick with what works best for you. Check lordhair for more inspiring tips about your wig. Do not forget, we are on the lookout for a better you!


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