How to Plan a One-Day Picnic with Friends


Creating lasting memories and having fun is possible if you make time for a picnic from this hustle and bustle. If you want to enjoy with your friends, plan a picnic to spend quality time together. This article will make it easier for you to plan a picnic  by following a few steps mentioned below :

Choose a Location and Date

As it is a one-day picnic, you should choose a location near your residing areas. This way, you can save time and energy to spend more time at the picnic spot. Decide how many friends are willing to picnic and know their availability. Mutually decide a location, date, and time to avoid any conflict.

Make a WhatsApp Group to Communicate

As you plan this picnic mutually, making a group where you can coordinate with each other in one place is advised. You do not need to spend money on hiring a travel agent; therefore, try to divide the picnic arrangement task among your friends. Let one of the friends lead all the arrangements.

Estimate a Budget

It would not require a high budget, but you can still make it easier by estimating a budget for everything. Once you get an idea about the budget, let every individual contribute equally. If any of your friends cannot afford to contribute, let others pay on behalf of him. Do not push your limits when estimating the budget.

Pack an Essential Bag

In a day picnic, you don’t need to make large bags; keep it simple. Pack all the essential items such as slippers, extra shirts or trousers, medicines, first aid kit, water, and snacks. It would be best to take safety measures in advance; suppose you have planned to enjoy boating; you must buy extra marine batteries from a reliable battery store. Pack some game-related stuff such as Ludo, Bat Ball, Badminton, Football, and Cards. 

Plan Activities for Picnic

Picnic is not just about eating together; it is much more than this. To make it more memorable, you should pre-plan some fun activities, such as games and dares. It would be best if you packed stuff according to the planned activities for your picnic. Keep considering the suggestions of all your friends when planning activities for a picnic.

Arrange Food and Transport

Arranging food and transport are the most important steps when planning a picnic. If you have enough money, you can buy food; bringing home-cooked food would be best. This way you would have a variety of food. As advised above, you should choose a nearby location so you can afford the transport easily. If you or your friends have personal transport, you can use those vehicles.

Don’t Forget to Capture Your Moments 

Living every moment is a good habit, but you must capture this memorable picnic. Keep capturing solo pictures, group pictures, views, food, and randomly fun moments. When this phase of your life passes, you will feel happy to see these memories.