How To Draw Goofy

How To Draw Goofy

How to draw Goofy. Cartoons and movies created by the Disney company have been incorporated into pop culture. Everyone can recognize classic Disney characters, whether Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Goofy. Goofy made his film debut in 1932 and, decades later continues to delight audiences young and old around the world. He’s a visually distinct character, which makes learning to draw Goofy a lot of fun.

This cannot be easy, so we’ve curated this guide for you! For fans of this adorably goofy character, this step-by-step guide on how to draw Goofy in 7 steps should be loads of fun! You can draw many more characters like batman drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

For this first step of our guide to drawing Goofy, we will start with some facial details. Using two rounded lines that connect, you can draw his two eyes without a line in the centre. You can then draw two small oval shapes for her pupils.

The base of his eyes will have another curved line underneath, and then you can add another horizontal oval for his nose. Below his nose, you can draw two more rounded lines for the two sections of his muzzle. Remember to draw square teeth sticking out from underneath! Then, when you’ve drawn those parts, you’re good to go!

Step 2:

Goofy is rarely seen without his signature hat, so this drawing of Goofy wouldn’t be complete! You can start this section by drawing two lines over his eyes. Then, you can draw her hat falling to the side using more curved lines. As shown in the reference image, you will also have hair sticking out from the base of your hat. You can also fill his nose with black, leaving a small white oval to brighten the nose.

Step 3:

We’ll add a bit more to Goody’s smiling mouth in this step of our guide to drawing Goofy. To do this, you can outline the lower part of his mouth. Then you can put another outline around that and draw his round tongue inside his mouth. Finish this step by drawing more outlines around the eyes for the sides of the face.

Step 4:

We have Goofy in a pretty relaxed pose for this drawing of Goofy, so in this step, we’ll have his face resting on his hand. Like other classic Disney characters, Goofy wears a large white glove. You can use curved lines for the hand and fingers, as shown in the reference image. Next, we’ll draw another iconic aspect of Goofy: his thin, floppy ears. You can draw long, skinny shapes that fall from the sides of his head to do this, and you can change his position if you want. That’s all for now, so let’s go!

Step 5:

You are now ready to start drawing his arms and shoulders in this step of our how-to-draw Goofy guide. You can use curved and rounded lines to create the sleeves of the sweater she’s wearing, and our reference image will show you how to position her arms. The left arm will connect to the hand under your face, while the right arm will rest on the table. You can also pull her suspenders down from her shoulders in this step. You’ll then be ready to add the final details in the next step!

Step 6:

In this step, we’ll finish your Goofy drawing, leaving you ready to add some colours at the end. The main aspect of being added will be his second hand, which will also rest on the table. On the other hand, this one will be gloved so that you can draw it with style very similar to the first one. Before moving on to the final step, add some background details or elements! It could be fun to draw his friends Mickey and Donald next to him, or you could show what kind of setting Goofy is in. What will you do to finish this drawing?

Step 7:

The last part of our guide to drawing Goofy will be about how to end up with colours. In our reference image, we used the classic colour scheme for Goofy’s clothing. That means bright orange for his sweater and green and black for his slouch hat. You can use the reference image as a guide if you want to replicate these colours, but you should also feel free to use any colour option! What colours will you choose, and which of your favourite art mediums will you use to make them?

Finished Drawing!