How to Choose the Perfect Necklace for Every Occasion


Necklaces can make your look in a matter of seconds. A must have accessory for your jewellery wardrobe, necklaces are a true wardrobe staple. Necklaces have been around for ages and for all the right reasons. There are a variety of necklace designs online that you can choose from depending on the neckline you’re going for, the occasion, and your styling aesthetic. With the layering and stacking trends that have become a popular favourite, necklace styling has become even more fun and versatile.

We make jewellery contact before eye contact. So, bring it on and dress to express when it comes to accessorising. Necklace styling is an essential when it comes to jewellery, whether you’re going for an Indian wedding, work meeting, brunch date, night out or for a beach vacation. Necklace designs are typically chosen by people depending on the kind of neckline they are going for, and the weight and the detailing of the necklace depends on what other jewellery you’re going to wear. 

Dress to express. Choose from a wide variety of necklace styles and incorporate them with your personal sense of style for great fits and head-turning looks. Necklaces have been a long-time favourite as they are not merely fashion accessories but also a symbol of what you want to keep close to your heart. People wear necklaces as a symbol of some religious, spiritual or personal belief, or as a fashion statement.

In today’s day and age even meaningful necklaces have evolved largely in terms of functionality and design and aesthetic. So, you can keep a gift by your special someone, or your lucky charm close to your heart in style. What’s more? Create trendy, beautiful necklace layering stacks that are personal and meaningful to you while also making a stunning statement. Read on to figure out how to choose the perfect necklace designs as per the occasion you’re getting dressed for. 

1. Work Wear Styling:

Elevate your 9 to 5 looks effortlessly by adding the right amount of pizzaz to your outfit with the right kind of jewellery. Opt for a modest V-neck and pair it with a pencil skirt and some heels and accentuate your neckline with a V-shaped necklace and a minimal bracelet to complete the look.

2. Party night:

All of us just need an excuse to take our favourite LBD out of the closet and put it to work. So, go for that party and turn around heads and hearts with your favourite off-shoulder black dress and style it with a statement necklace that has a lot of dainty detailing. If you want to look like a hot mama, opt for a choker and finish the look with some chunky rings and heels.

3. Beach Vacay:

Seas the day on your beach vacay! Style a deep V-neck top or dress and finish the look with a flowy skirt. Style your beach attire with a multi-layer necklace and add just the right amount of weight and style to the outfit. Alternatively, you could go for a cute crochet bikini top with shorts or a skirt, and team it up with a stunning statement piece. You can never go wrong with layering, and multi-layered necklaces make that job super easy and effortless for you. 

4. Work Meeting:

Go for a turtleneck top or pullover and team it up with a contrasting skirt and bring out your boss babe aesthetic with some fantastic jewellery styling. To finish up your look, go for a multi-layered necklace that has chains of varying length and weight, OR go for long pendants or chains if you’re looking to make a statement.

5. Work Party:

Go for a scoop neck bodycon dress and pair it with some elegant, understated heels. Opt for a princess necklace that has a good amount of weight (the design of the necklace should ideally be on the heavy to medium side). Opt for a classy pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces nowadays come in many forms and styles. There are a variety of pieces that are truly modern classics and have a beautiful twist to the classic pearl design. Go for a beautiful pearl necklace of your choice and finish the look with some pearl studs and a clean sleek bun or pony!

6. Date night:

Bring out the fierceness, and get ready to slay. Go for a sweetheart neckline top or a dress and pair it with a short necklace (princess necklace or a collar necklace). Depending on the detailing on the dress, go for a simple necklace with minimal detailing if the dress has some heavy detailing, or go for a fuller necklace with multiple beads (heavy weight) if the dress is relatively minimal.

7. Casual outing:

Style your everyday wear outfits with some minimal pendant chains. The safest styling option for everyday styling, no matter what neckline you’re going for. You can style your favourite pendant/locket chain necklace stand-alone or pair it with a couple other chains of varying sizes and weights, depending on the neckline you’re going for. 

8. Brunch with the girls:

Add some punk to everyday styling. Go for a colourful one shoulder off dress and style it with some chunky boots or heels and finish the look with a high ponytail or with your hair open. Add some glam to the whole look by adding an asymmetric design necklace with this neckline.