How To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan In This Pandemic

Raksha Bandha

It is difficult to imagine celebrating holidays and moving out with family as we once did because of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. Despite the relaxed COVID-19-induced lockdown in certain areas, there is still a general sense of unease and terror. The third wave forecast is rapidly approaching.

Thus full adherence to the COVID procedure is required at all times. It shouldn’t, however, diminish the joy of hosting family gatherings and holiday parties at home. Therefore, in light of the impending Raksha Bandhan, here are the “top 5 methods to celebrate Rakhi despite pandemic”:

Spend time with the people you love

Raksha Bandhan would happen on a Sunday this year. Spend it with your parents, wives, siblings, and children, if possible. Watch a movie, engage in a lengthy video conference, annoy your siblings, surprise them with wonderful presents, and chat your little heart out. Look for online rakhi delivery in India.

Recreate outfits from your previous wardrobe to duplicate a fresh look

Try making different DIY outfits this season rather than purchasing new clothing. Combine and mix various components to make your ensemble, then flaunt it in front of your loved ones.

With your children, decorate your home

Your children will be entertained and able to express their creativity via this activity. Let them experiment with producing “the best out of garbage” and observe how their creative minds explode with inspiration. Look for rakhi gifts in stores near you.

Make great dishes and desserts at home

Even if everyone is sick of eating nutritious Ghar ka Ghana this holiday season, try out some new recipes with your wives and mothers and enjoy the satisfaction of cooking delectable festive fare. There are several simple recipes available that will give you Bazar wala flavor.

Send siblings personalized presents over the web

You may create your gift packets with Rakhi and send them to your loved ones using a variety of internet platforms. Some businesses offer fantastic discounts on mugs, chocolates, and Rakhi bundles. You might thus surprise your siblings by sending them these lovely items.

Health Friend Yeh Rakhi

We can all appreciate the advantages of being healthy in the present. With various wellness gifts, the rakhi thread undoubtedly brings in the kiss of good health this year.

Rakhi this year is the pinnacle of safety for your siblings, from a fantastic choice of nutritious delicacies, dry fruits, and sugar-free sweets to bringing in the fundamentals of the #NewNormal, such as sanitizers, infrared thermometers, masks, and gloves.

Via Video Call: Rakhi

One face-to-face video call is all it takes to become closer to your beloved sibling, just as the rakhi thread unites a brother and sister into an unbreakable link of love and protection. There won’t be any barriers between you and your closest companion-in-crime while sharing memories and endless laughs, performing virtual rituals, or spending time together.

Raksha Bandhan Parivaar

Rakhi this year will be unique since you’ll be able to celebrate with your entire family. With this more the merrier concept, everything from making Ghar-ki-special treats to organizing a small family gathering with lots of games and handmade sweets, the delight of Rakhi will be quadrupled. Additionally, there would be a tonne of talk about, argue about, and learn about if your siblings stayed home together.

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One of the most anticipated celebrations in India is Raksha Bandhan, but this year’s celebration may be a bit different because of the COVID-19 outbreak. People are forced to adapt to the new normal due to the epidemic. The purpose of Raksha Bandhan is to honor the relationship between brothers and sisters. On the full moon day of the Hindu Shravan month, it is widely observed throughout the northern and western parts of India.

On this day, sisters bind a Rakhi thread on their brothers’ wrists, asking them to pledge to look out for them. The lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic protocols may prevent brothers and sisters from conventionally celebrating Rakhi.

However, modern technology has made it possible to express affection for your brother or sister in various creative ways. We advise you on how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan despite the societal distance. Check online for the best rakhi gifts for sister.


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