Five Ways to Style Chinos for Every Occasion


How often do you have to go somewhere where you don’t want to look too casual or formal? And can’t decide what to wear for specific events. Yeah, we know how hard it is, so here are 5 different ways to wear black chinos for men on different occasions.

In the time we live in, our clothes say a lot about who we are. It’s not enough to have one pair of denim jeans. So, when building your closet, chino should be a key part of your style. The best place for men to get high-quality chinos is Perk. You can choose skinny, slim, and regular fit chinos, depending on how you feel. Men can choose various colors and cotton blends that fit any body type. Firstly here we tell what chinos are and how you can wear them for different occasions.

What Do Chinos Mean

Chinos are a great choice if you want to buy a new pair of pants. The style of clothes has many options that go well with any season or event. You can wear summer clothes to the office in the winter. Many people don’t know what chino pants are because the style can be worn in many different ways.

Chinos are a popular pair of pants that are quickly becoming the pants of choice for men. They are made of a strong fabric called cotton twill and are made to last. Chinos are made in various styles and colors, making them great for city life. Many people today know chino pants as khaki pants, which can be dressed up or down and look smart and flashy even though chinos come in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

Office Casual

All you have to do to add a stylish semi-formal or formal touch to your outfit for a day at the office is roll up the hem! You will look stylish if you wear dark blue chinos with plain pink pima cotton t-shirts. Even if you want to go out with coworkers after work for drinks, the outfit is perfect.

Dress for Meetings

If you wear black chinos for men, a shirt, and a blazer to a business meeting, your look will stand out. You should never wear brown with a pair of black chinos. It is one of the worst things a man can do, but sadly, many of them do it.

The best thing to wear to meetings and other formal events is a pair of navy chinos from Perk. When worn with a light-colored shirt, they look great. The classic combination of black and gray will make your look perfect and crisp.

For more formal occasions, try regular-fit pants. Make sure they don’t bunch up and fit perfectly around the skin.

Dressy Casual

Whether it’s a family gathering, a birthday party, or a barbecue, add a sports coat to the chino pants, a shirt, leather loafers, oxfords, or slip-on shoes. Take care of yourself at brunches or dinners.

If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, you might want to step up your game by pairing black day-long chinos with a shirt in a primary color like yellow, green, or red. You can try a different look with khakis or chinos and a button-down shirt, polo shirt, or sweater. That looks classy and feels good at the same time.

First Date Look

Choose deep colors and wear button-up pima cotton t-shirts to go with them. A nice t-shirt in a beige color and olive green pants are also easy to understand. Give your date a good first impression. If you have a date at night, bring a jacket or sweater to keep warm.

Religious Ceremonies

Combine chinos that stretch in all directions with a plain or embroidered kurta. Try out different colors. You should not wear anything too formal. Follow the colors of the celebration! With Perk’s great selection of chinos, you can try out different styles and always look good. Visit Perk to see what they have.

Everyone knows that “Fashion is similar to eating. You shouldn’t always eat the same thing “.


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