Tinctures are unique products made from essential oils’ derivatives and essential oils themselves. They are made from essential oils but when they are made in a certain way. The basic difference is difference between the essential oils and the tinctures is the addition of solvents in the prior during the manufacture of the latter.

Tincture boxes

Tinctures are sensitive products so they need good packaging materials to be used and they are then made in a much better way by providing tincture boxes to them. Tincture boxes are boxes made to protect and benefit the products in every way possible. They are product-specific but not company or brand-specific packaging and this is the feature that makes them different from other boxes.

Custom tincture boxes

Customized tincture boxes are much more important than the common and normal tincture boxes and this is because they are a lot more defined and personalized. They belong to a single brand and company and cannot be provided to every other brand because they are specified and individualized.

UV lamination

UV lamination is the lamination part that is going to make it a lot more tolerable for the box against the UV rays obtained either from the sun or other known and unknown sources. UV lamination can be spotted or complete and either way, it will be a lot better because it will provide protection against these harmful rays.


The material of the custom tincture boxes is very important to deal with. Paper stock is part of the box that makes the other parts either much more enhanced or vice versa and there is nothing in between. The quality of the material and its durability too is very essential to take care of. The better these parts the better will be the overall performance of the packaging.

Box size

The box size is also a factor of matter which can affect the main product inside the box. This happens only when the size of the box is not apt to the size of the product, it is rather much bigger than the product. This way the product keeps moving inside the box causing the box to be a lot more dangerous than it should be. The solution to this problem is that the size of the box should be reduced and should be made in an apt way in the first place.


Cushioning is a way of isolating the product from the outer world of haphazard even inside the box. Sometimes there are certain factors or mishaps which can cause the bottle to break even inside the custom tincture boxes. That is why this idea of cushioning was maintained at this point and they were then made to create a protective environment inside the box for the products. The cushioning products can be of various kinds such as cotton, bubble wrap, etc.


The durability of not only the material or paper stock of the custom boxes but also every other feature used in the manufacture of the box is important for the sake of the protection of the products. The longevity of the packaging is important because the longer they live the longer will be the life of the tinctures placed in them.

Packaging with a shorter lifetime as compared to the product itself will not be able to provide security and guarantee long-lasting products. Only longevity is not important rather in the long run quality maintenance is also essential.


It is very essential for custom boxes to be able to protect and provide a secure way of protection for the products. These boxes are made with the basic purpose of protection while on the other hand, they are made with the most basic form of how boxes are made. The best lies in the most basic and simplest of ways. They are now provided with the best level of security for the products.