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Universal Design involves considering physical spaces so they are inclusive for people of all abilities, including slip-resistant products and spaces that enable people to move about freely regardless of size, posture or mobility.

PU systems are tough and can withstand greater wear-and-tear than epoxy resins, while also withstanding various chemical loads that other resins cannot.

Exploring PU Flooring

Food and beverage (F&B) facilities present unique challenges when it comes to flooring; therefore, floors need to be strong enough to withstand a range of demanding onsite conditions while providing a safe, hygienic atmosphere for staff and customers alike. A floor must also be capable of withstanding punishing impacts, extreme temperatures, as well as chemicals found abundantly during production – something many other industries simply can’t match!

To meet this growing demand, many facilities opt to install a polyurethane concrete floor system using Ucrete brand polyurethane as an impact resistant surface that is durable enough to withstand heavy loads, abrasions and organic acids – not to mention heavy machinery without bowing or deforming under pressure. These cementitious PU systems offer resilient support to heavy machinery without deforming or bowing under strain.

PU floors offer greater heat tolerance than epoxy, since they use thermoset resins that won’t melt even under intense hot or cold contact. Furthermore, these surfaces often make an excellent choice in environments involving dairy production as they’re impervious to lactic acid that would deteriorate an epoxy floor over time. Unfortunately though, their more sensitive nature makes PU more prone to bubbling and pinhole formation due to humidity exposure compared to epoxy floors.


With so many wood, marble and stone finish bathroom tiles available to you from top tile showrooms in Erode to choose from, it is now easier than ever to achieve the dream home design you envision for yourself. Our experts at Erode Tile Center can assist in finding you perfect designs to match your aesthetic preferences.

Tile is both versatile and slip-resistant for safety, making it suitable for universal design that accommodates aging in place and regulates how spaces flow between rooms. Universal Design prioritizes surfaces that make movement easy – feet, hands, walkers or wheelchairs all can use them freely when maneuvering the environment.

Tile is an ideal option when it comes to creating beautiful floors in any space, as its easy care, durable design, and great insulation properties make it a worthy investment that you will continue to appreciate for many years to come.


At our tiles showroom in erode, you’ll find everything you need from wall tiles, bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles – whether that be wooden designs inspired by wood grains and marble mosaics to different textures and color options to match the aesthetic of your home.

Once you begin incorporating Universal Design into your space, you begin to appreciate how tile plays an essential part. It influences how we interact and approach physical spaces as well as making us aware of things such as which surfaces should accommodate wheels, feet and walkers easily.

Universal Design can address these concerns through tile solutions; it can assist with age-in-place solutions as well as make spaces more inclusive to people of all abilities.