Does Vaping Cause Weight Loss?


Since combustible tobacco cigarettes produce tar in your lungs and various types of cancer, It is recommended by medical professionals to quit whenever you can. But, one of the reasons that smokers aren’t eager to stop is the fear of adding pounds. It’s well-known that you will gain weight when you quit smoking cigarettes.Vaping & Weight Loss

Many are to switch to vaping as an effective method of quitting smoking. Since they also contain nicotine, they are a great appetite suppressant similar to cigarettes, with no harmful and toxic chemicals inhaled by millions of users worldwide.

However, the question is, does vaping e-cigarettes with nicotine result in weight loss, as many believe smoking cigarettes do?

It’s crucial to note that neither of them should be taken as a supplement to your diet. It would help if you didn’t substitute carrot sticks for cigarettes, vaping pods, or mod. Vaping gives you the same sensation and experience of holding something in your hands and being pushed towards your mouth, similar to inhaling a substance.

Vaping comprises several ingredients, including Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol flavorings, and, most often, nicotine. Together, these ingredients form the vape liquid, which, when heated, creates the vapor you inhale. It is possible to smoke vapor through your mouth (common among beginners) or directly into your lung (more experienced). The ingredients are virtually devoid of calories; therefore, vaping doesn’t make you heavier or work as a slimming technique.

Why You Could Gain Weight After Quitting Vaping Or Smoking

It is common for people to gain weight once they quit smoking cigarettes or vaping because the body requires a substitute for the addiction. Research has found that people gain fewer pounds when smoking cigarettes compared to the typical diet that does not contain nicotine. It is not as easy to eat when smoking or vaping due to one of these reasons or, in some cases, a mix:

There isn’t the same satisfaction from food as smoking cigarettes. Smoke inhalation reduces the smell and taste senses.

The addiction to nicotine keeps your mind distracted by something else, reducing your appetite.

Studies suggest that nicotine triggers an area of the brain that blocks the brain’s receptors from working like they normally would and prevents the feeling of hunger.

Smoking cigarettes is not possible to have as much appetite because blood vessels are reduced because of the inhalation of smoke. This impacts the function of your stomach, which becomes imbalanced and decreases your desire for food. The body can lose weight, but not naturally. It stops its ability to perform normally.

Smokers consume about one spoonful of sugar for each stick. Add that to the need for nicotine, and you’ll understand why it’s difficult for smoking addicts to find it to stop and quit immediately. The body adjusts to having more food items when you have stopped.

Does Nicotine Make You Lose Weight?

Nicotine can be a narcotic drug. However, it’s harmless and causes minimal side adverse effects in its consumption on its own. While it can increase the number of calories consumed throughout your rest period between 7 to 15 percent, it is an appetite suppressor, with metabolism increasing. It does this by increasing your metabolic rate and also decreasing your consumption of food as well.

Vaping & Weight Loss

However, when it comes to smoking cigarettes, research has shown that visceral fatness rises in smokers because food is burned at a lower rate without nicotine. It could be because smoking cigarettes and tobacco cause fat to be pushed to the areas that are concentrated in the stomach. However, it aids in managing the weight of general people better than non-smokers and vapers since it acts in a way to reduce appetite.

The nightshade plant is the source of nicotine that has been utilized as a stimulant throughout the centuries and in cigarettes for a long time. About 2 mg of nicotine per cigarette must be replaced, though very difficult for the body and mind. It is difficult to stop when people start smoking in large quantities, particularly chain smokers.

What we have learned about vaping since its inception at the beginning of 2003 and its increasing popularity is its capacity to aid smokers in quitting. Because many people who smoke cigarettes are heavy smokers, it is very difficult to stop the habit and quit cold turkey. Many have tried but with no success or have reverted to their old habits because nicotine addiction is so powerful and there is no other option.

In the past, people had tried nicotine replacement therapies like patches or gum, but without success. However, with recent research in 2019 showing that e-cigarettes can be twice as efficient and more efficient than patches, we have the solution.

What Can You Do?

Decreasing nicotine consumption is possible until you gradually achieve the desired effects. Better yet, unlike cigarettes that contain only a tobacco-based flavor, There are a variety of sweet flavors available in the variety of e-liquids available. However, when you decide to cut your nicotine consumption to zero, you’ll be capable of avoiding any cravings to eat sugary snacks. This will be aided because you’ll not inhale harmful substances that dull your senses, as discussed earlier.

Most people who wish to stop smoking for a short period turn to food and drinks and naturally gain weight over the first couple of months. It is not less hungry or feeling the desire to snack frequently when smoking or smoking cigarettes. The hand-to-mouth motion is a normal routine that needs a replacement. Despite the multitude of illnesses caused by smoking tobacco and the millions of deaths per year caused by smoking tobacco, Many smokers are more concerned about weight gain than anything else.

Removing Weight Gain Fears

Adding a few pounds in weight should be something other than your primary issue. However, it’s important to remember that weight gain and general obesity problems are equally important to be taken care not to overlook. It’s about finding an equilibrium between not worrying about your weight and paying attention to your body. Smoking and vaping should not be used to aid in weight loss. The most effective method is ensuring you exercise, eat healthily, and reduce stress naturally.

Obviously, because of the dangers of smoking cigarettes to your body, mind, and mental health, you must take action immediately to end smoking. Although recent studies have shown that weight gain is becoming a “bigger killer” than smoking cigarettes, keeping your weight in a healthy range is crucial and done incorrectly.

Final Thoughts

Vaping is only employed to quit smoking. This has always been the goal and will always be so. Since you can add as much (or as small a dose) of nicotine as you want, you can take it similarly to smoking cigarettes without placing your body at significant risk. It is normal for smokers to worry about becoming fat after quitting smoking. With vaping, you can have an effective alternative that provides sufficient nicotine that your body is used to and not switch to sugary foods as a substitute.

Furthermore, since vaping comes with sweet e-liquids and even shortfalls that give you full control over the amount of nicotine, you are driving what’s inside the vape and e-liquid you use. All of this does not assist a vape in shedding weight or gaining weight while vaping or even after removing nicotine, which is addictive when smoking cigarettes and vaping. Instead, you will have greater chances of maintaining your weight.